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Italian Stainless Steel Wing-Type Corkscrew

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I Have A Love Hate Relationship With This Thing


I have a love hate relationship with this corkscrew. First of all, it is a great design, on those days when it works well. On those days when it doesn't I get VERY frustrated. The idea is that you twist the top of the corkscrew which turns the twirly part into the cork. At the same time, the arms of the unit go up in the air. You keep twisting until the arms have raised way up and then you push down the arms and you have the cork pulled from the bottle. Sometimes it does not work, however, and can break the corks, or not pull them out well. This is especially true with the plastic corks which are popular now as the industry begins to migrate toward screw tops. Ease of Use It depends on what bottle you are using this on as to how hard it is to use. Some bottles have it where the lip that fits over the top hits it perfectly. Everything gets in place and the cork comes out. However, sometimes that is not the case. The whole thing does not line up that well and the cork can still break off, or in some cases, the handle or corkscrew part itself (which has happened to me) Durability I have had quite a few of these corkscrews. I tend to reach for them as a last resort if I can not find anything else. I have had the corkscrew part break off, the handles, or the whole thing just malfunction. These might work well for a while and then break, or break pretty quickly. Design The design is a good idea, but has some flaws. With fine tuning, perhaps it would be much nicer to use. Despite it saying stainless steel, I have had some with that label break off too easily- not a characteristic of true stainless steel. If you hit the right bottle, it can work like a charm. If not, it can be a frustration. As the industry moves more toward screw tops, perhaps we might find that the corkscrew might become a thing of the past. Not always a pleasant thought for those who enjoy that familiar POP sound when opening wine that distinguishes it from other beverages.

Podunk, NY


An Easy Way To De-Cork a Wine Bottle


I have significant weakness in my hands and fingers, so I bought this wing style wine bottle opener to help me. It is inexpensive and has worked well for several years, so I can recommend this to anyone looking for a value priced bottle opener. Using this item is simple. There is a sharp screw like device in the center, and you place the point into the top of your cork. Then you simply turn the winged handles clockwise which forces the screw into the cork and makes the handles move from a downward position to an upright position. When the handles are at the top I only need to put a hand on each one and pull down. This forces the cork out of the bottle with ease! I've seen a lot of fancy and expensive corkscrew products for removing the cork from a wine bottle, but this one is my preferred style. I would caution those who have young children in the home that the point of this is extremely sharp and it should be kept out of the reach of children just as you would keep knives and other sharp objects from their reach. Overall I highly recommend this opener and I love mine. Ease of Use Very wasy to use, it does all the work for me, which helps since my hands are weak Durability I've had this for a few years and some paint has chipped off the handles but it still works great. Design The design is nice but the sharp point is a danger to children and this should be kept out of their reach.

Eagle River, AK


Works For Me - Wing-Type Corkscrew


I have used this type of  Steel Wing - Type corkscrew and I also own one it works very good for me with my hands. I like it. Not only have I had one  but 2 and I know that at least 3 of my friends have the same ones as well. It's very nice hold to it and sleak enough for even small hands to be able to use.

Amery, WI


make this your last resort for corkscrews


The Italian Stainless Steel Wing-Type Corkscrew is beatiful in everyway.  However, when paired with the wine bottle cork it seems that they dont get along....the corkscrew tears the cork to pieces and you find that you're picking pieces of corky out of your wine.Get something better

Midlothian, VA


This type of cork puller is my fav, would not have any other!


The Italian Stanless steel Wing Type Cork Screw is very user friendly for the amatuer or expert at opening wine bottles. I have tried many types of cork pullers, and this is my favorite. I find it easy to pull the cork perfect every time. Others that I have tried are flemsy, and not as durable and long lasting. I love the fact that it is metal and strong, yet not heavy and cumbersome. I have yet to put my cork screw opening in crooked, there is nothing worse than trying to pull out a cork and the opener being on the side of the cork and pieces fall into the bottle of wine. This opener is worth the purchase, you won't be disappointed.    

Louisville, KY


The stainless steel wing corkscrew is a step above the basic.


The stainless steel wing corkscrew is a step above the basic corkscrew, it is a more user-friendly grasping utensil.  The side wing clamps down so the individual can grasps the corkscrew, firmly while pulling upward to remove the screw. The only problem I have encountered with this corkscrew, sometimes the wing gets in the way while I am trying to get the screw directly in the center of the cork, which causes problems removing.      

Killeen, TX


the Italian Stainless Steel Wing Type Corkscrew is very cheap.


The Italian Stainless Steel Wing Type Corkscrew is economical and inexpensive,    however for those of us with arthritis, it may prove difficult to use.  It works as well as other more expensive types of wine openers.

Eustis, FL


Italian Stainless Steel Wing-Type Corkscrew

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