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It Works!
It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator

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The results are not permanent.


I actually won one of these "It works ultimate body applicator wraps" a couple weeks back from a blog that I currently follow. I was SUPER excited because I have seen people post such amazing results with pictures online. Let me just say that these It works products really do work. The ONLY issue I have with that is that you have to keep buying these products. They are NOT permanent results. When I applied the body applicator to my stomach I had to wrap plastic wrap around the area to keep the chemicals inside so it would go into my pores. What this wrap is supposed to do is clean out all of the toxins that are built up in that area. You are also supposed to drink a BUNCH of water. Like more than 64 oz in a day. That was pretty rough for me to do because my body did not want anymore. The results were amazing, I must say. My stretchmarks from having children were a bit more faded and my waist was about two inches smaller! It was almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way. About two days later, everything was back to normal. So unless you want to keep buying these products weekly or monthly, I wouldn't recommend it. They DO work, just not for long.




It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator

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