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Isomers Lip Firming Serum

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The ONLY product that caused my lips to bleed. OUCH!


***Quick View:*** I bought a starter set of five .51 ounce bottles of different Isomers products to try. These are pricey products with all sorts of anti aging ingredients in them and are very highly regarded. One of the products I received was the lip firming serum. It may be highly regarded but it made my lips bleed! ***My Take on Isomers Lip Firming Serum*** This liquid comes in a .51 ounce brown bottle with a dropper top. It is designed to plump, firm, and hydrate the lips and the contours of the lips. I have dry lips and use all sorts of balms everyday so I thought this product would add a lot to my lip care regimen. User reviews were super positive about it. The directions are simply to apply a drop or two to the lip area once or twice a day. Although I have dry lips, they are in good shape due to all the hydrating balms I have been using. They aren't chapped or rough. I applied a couple of drops of** Isomers Lip Firming Serum** to my lips and rubbed it in. As I was gently rubbing my lip area, my bottom lip developed a crack and started to bleed. My lips have NEVER bled no matter how chapped or dry. Never! I was shocked but didn't really blame the product. I figured maybe I was rubbing the liquid in too harshly or something. After three days and a lot of balm and TLC, my lips were in great shape again. It was time once more to try **Isomers Lip Firming Serum**. I used just two drops and VERY carefully applied it to my lips and the area around them. Well, what do ya know? My lips started to bleed again! It's like something in the solution caused them to just crack. It wasn't a copious amount of bleeding but it caused me not to be able to smile without reopening the crack. At that point, I said no thanks to **Isomers Lip Firming Serum** and won't use it again. ***My Viewpoint*** I really don't think** Isomers Lip Firming Serum **is a bad product. I think there is an ingredient in it that simply reacts poorly or harshly with my lips. It's weird because I have applied loads of things to my lips and none ever caused them to bleed or crack. OUCH! It's hard to rate this product since I had such a bad reaction but I know not everyone will. I guess I will go with 3 stars (??) and recommend it only if you can return it if it's too harsh. It really shouldn't be! For me, obviously, it's 1 star product.


The heart of , NY


No Need for lip injections


Thsi formula has it all.  matrixyl, emolients, collagen builders and the right stuff to make / keep my lips soft, full and the lip line in perfect condition.  At 55 my lips look like i am 35 - Thank you ISOMERS.


Eden Prairie, MN


Isomers Lip Firming Serum

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