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Irish Spring
Irish Spring Icy Blast Deodorant Soap

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Irish Spring Icy Blast: Sad Day When Great Soap is Discontinued


Imagine my surprise to look on the review page for Irish Spring, and I go to look up the terrific Icy Blast brand of Irish Spring bar soap, eager to review it, and even a little bit inspired to eventually go on a shopping trip and buy a couple of packs for nostalgia sake, and I come to discover that the product has been discontinued! This was quite a sad day for me, I just thought: "Wow, what a shame, that future generations won't know the greatness that was Irish Spring Icy Blast!" So I guess this review is really just a review for the sake of nostalgia. Nevertheless, do not think that my judgement has been clouded by said nostalgia: I always was very much a fan of Irish Spring Icy Blast, and I always enjoyed the fresh and icy tingle after I had showered or bathed using Irish Spring Icy Blast as my bath soap. That tingle alone made me feel like I was 100% more clean than I would be with, say, Dove. It's a shame that Icy Blast has been discontinued, but if there is any now discontinued product that is due for a comeback, it is Irish Spring Icy Blast.




hubby's fav


Husband loves this stuff and I love that he loves it. Hard to find products he likes since he is a no frills kind of guy. Works well for him all year long and I have to keep a supply on hand. He loves the bar soap as opposed to the gel, not sure why. I asked once, did not get an answer really, just that's what he likes. Who can argue with that? Effectiveness he loves how it gets him clean and the smell wakes him up to start his day. I especially like the fact how well it works after a day of hot smelly working outdoors or on the car, he smells like a new man and looks like one too after a hot shower with some irish spring. It took me awhile to get used to the blue stuff getting on the soap holder, I just scrub it off during the week. Not a big issue when it makes him happy. Scent I love that fresh showered smell my Husband gets. it's like his after shave, but his after shower smell. He does not wear cologne or anything like that, so this smell is as close as he gets. Works for me.


Canonsburg, PA


My Son Liked It Better Than Regular But Still Not A Fan


When our son was working a dirty grimy job, we tried to find a good soap that my husband could use (he also worked physical labor) and that our son would like too. Odor was a problem, so we tried to get him to like Irish Spring soap as my husband liked it and wanted to use it and we only had room for one soap in the shower. After our son said how much he hated Irish Spring, we decided to try out the Icy Blast version for him. **INGREDIENTS** *Soap (Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate and/or Sodium Palm Kernelate), Water, Hydrogenated Tallow Acid (Skin Conditioner), Glycerin (Skin Conditioner), Coconut Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Pentasodium Pentetate, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarines* Effectiveness My husband liked the regular Irish Spring, so I figured he would like the Icy Blast as well. He didn't. Our son was not a big fan either. The soap cleaned well and the smell was strong but different than the original, but neither of them liked it much. They didn't feel it cleaned as well, or left the scent on them that they liked either. What I didn't like about it is that the blue stuff melted and dripped down the shower wall and that was frustrating, as I had to scrub it off. Scent The scent is very strong, but is more like some men's colognes that I have smelled. It is not offensive, but neither is it something that I am wild about either. I am not the only one- neither my husband or son are huge fans. We ended up giving away the last few bars because no one would use it and it didn't even keep deer away like the regular one does!


Podunk, NY


Strong smelling soap bar


My boyfriend has been using these bars after my brother left them behind. We still have a large stack and we are slowly going through them. This is a fairly decent bar of soap but the scent is very strong and overpowering. During the first use of the bar, the scent is very strong and then it starts to get weaker in the scent. However, as the scent gets weaker the value of the soap does as well. What I mean is that the soap doesn't have the same effectiveness as the first use. It will usually last about a month or so with 1-2 people using it daily. Also, the strong scent tends to linger on the person for a few hours and generally doesn't mix well with the other smells a person may have on them. Such as laundry scents on their clothes or deodorants or even cologne. The soap only gets worse over time and it doesn't seem worth the money spent on it. I will not be purchasing this soap, ever. I believe there are better smelling and more effective bars of soap that are made by other companies.


Sunnyvale, CA


Greay Icy Fresh Feeling!


I really like Irish Spring Soap. It always seems to last a nice long time, and the soaps don't fall apart from sitting on the soap shelf in the tub. The Irish Spring Icy Blasy was no different. I'm always interested in trying new scents, but I am very faithful to my loyal brands. So, I was really excited that Irish Spring came out with a new scent for me to try. The scent is very strong and really gets wakes you up! It has a really nice lather to it, which you would expect from Irish Spring. It lathers up really good, and once you wash it off, it leaves your skin nice and smooth. I love that the scent stays on my skin afterwards. It makes me feel fresh and clean all day long, without having to use a separate body spray. I love that the scent is unisex, so it's not too masculine, and definitely NOT girly. It just smells nice and fresh. Plus, the bar really lasts a long time, and holds it's shape!


Saint Simons Island, GA


Husband smells like Icy Blast


My husband swears by this soap. If I even tried to get another brand or even another Irish Spring scent, he would be disappointed. I do like how he smells so it works for me, too. My husband is very picky about his soap and how clean he feels. This soap meets his expectations. It has a strong scent and the bathroom has the fragrance after he showers. My only con is that he uses the bars of soap in the shower and they leave behind a nasty blue soap scum as they disintegrate. Perhaps if my husband used some sort of soap holder this problem could be eliminated but he just puts on soap in the corner shelf of the shower. The blue remnants run down the corner and have to be scrubbed to come off. Hopefully, Irish Spring does not get rid of this version of their soap because my husband is a loyal user and does not like change. I like that this soap is available in value bundles. We save money by buying several packages when they are on sale with namufacturers coupons.


Avon, NY


Irish Spring Icy Blast is too much of a blast for me


**Irish Spring Deodorant Soap** seems to have a real following out there. Anyone over age 20 undoubtedly remembers their TV commercials where the attractive woman says: ''Manly yes, but I like it too!'' In recent years **Irish Spring** has added quite a few new scents to their product offering, and I recently tried **Irish Spring Icy Blast Deodorant Soap** in bar form, just to see if I would like it. This soap is probably best for someone - usually men - who get really grimy and sweaty or just need a strong soap to get fresh and clean. It comes in a 4.5 ounce blue bar or 20-ounce liquid body wash form, and has what I would call a ''Sport Scent'' (I'm not good at describing scents - sorry!) The box promises ''cool refreshment, which sounds good if you are hot and grungy feeling. I used **Irish Spring Icy Blast** a few times after using the exercise room, when I was about as grimy as I get anymore. I have to agree - it did a good job of cutting through the sweat. I really felt refreshed. However, for me the scent was way too strong and it tends to stay with you for many hours. It's just overpowering! I don't mind some scent from soap but it was just too much. Although I thought **Irish Spring Icy Blast Deodorant Soap** helped wash off the grime and was refreshing, I'll have to try something else that isn't so strongly scented. The unopened boxes of soap won't go to waste though. I send care packages to Armed Service Members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and they love **Irish Spring** in all its various forms and scents.


Denver, CO


Irish Spring Icy Blast Deodorant Soap

3.7 7