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Ionic Pro
Ionic Pro 90IP1RIP04FP Air Purifier

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Nice Model


I've owned several Ionic air purifiers and had mixed experiences with them so when I was given this as a gift I wasn't sure I'd like it. The thing I like most about Ionic air purifiers is that they are ultra quiet. They're so quiet I find myself checking on them regularly to make sure they are still working. I love that they can be used in bedrooms while sleeping or while watching television and they do not interfere with anything. This particular model is a nice height and design so it can be placed almost anywhere in the home and not look completely out of place. The streamlined design is very pleasant. As for removing dust and other allergens from the air it does quite a good job. I have noticed that every time I clean it it has a nice layer of dust on it which means that dust is no longer in my air. this is especially helpful in the winter time when the heat is on and spreading extra dust everywhere. Overall, I've been quite pleased with Ionic purifiers and this model was another nice addition to my home. I definitely recommend it.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Do NOT waste your hard earned money!


The design of this product is fruitless. It is designed so that you can NOT clean it properly. Yes to clean the filter is easy, however, you can NOT take it apart to clean the inside where the ALLERGENTS reside! Ease of Maintenance You can NOT clean this properly. It is sitting in my family room gathering MORE DUST because it can NOT be taken apart to clean it properly!!! Dust/Allergen Removal It was great at first, however, once it collected dust , it was OVER :( I can NOT take it apart to clean the inside of the machine. Thereby, rendering it USELESS ! Effectiveness It worked great UNTIL it became FULL OF DUST, now it is WORTHLESS ! THERE is NO WAY to clean the INSIDE of the machine where ALL of The Dust IS!!!! Now tell me what I'm supposed to do with a machine that cost a mini fortune that I cannot clean? Design I'd of given it a MINUS 1 if I could have! What a waste of MONEY, TIME and effort. I am so unhappy with this product I am actually crying. I will NEVER spend ANY money on any type of clean air machine again. This product has caused me to lose ALL TRUST in ANY machine that supposedly cleans the air ! :(



Ionic Pro 90IP1RIP04FP Air Purifier

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