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Ion hard water shampoo

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A great shampoo for well water users.


While my hair does okay with most shampoos, I really like the ion. I can't use it too frequently, as it is tough on your hair in order to lift the iron buildup and muck that gets stuck in your hair, but it does a great job a couple times a week to reverse some effects of well water usage in the shower. Effectiveness While it does a great job for those with hard water and well water systems, I live in Indiana and our well water is very hard, along with humid summers. I find that this shampoo sort of dries my hair out if I use it too frequently, and I have to counter-attack it with a deep conditioning treatment if I have to use it too often. It's definitely worth it in that it gets rid of the buildup in my hair, but it's most certainly not a daily or bidaily shampoo. Scent I never really notice a scent with this shampoo, which is fine with me. Scents from shampoos and conditioners don't stay in my hair anyway, so fragrance free is perfect.



Ion works great! ........thats all you need to know!


I just move to Houston from California and my hair was always tangled, I bought the Ion leave in conditioner for hard water and I had an instant change.  However, I have noticed that some of my hair does fall out. It could be because of the wheather change though.

Houston, TX


Ion hard water shampoo

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