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Ion Deep Conditioning

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A miracle product that makes dull hair feel healthy


My hair has been lightened a lot so it was really damaged and it was dry it needed serious moisture. I went to this beauty supply store by my house and the guy who worked there recommended this for my hair. It had a nice smell to it and the texture was thick. It coated my hair from root to tip without weighing it down. My hair still had its volume and it had a lot of shine. I like how it made my really soft after. I didn't have anymore tangles and my hair wasn't so frizzy. I even noticed that my hair didn't even feel dry anymore and it was really easy for me to comb. I like how my hair had a lot more moisture then what it did before. My hair didn't feel oily or greasy which is great because when I use other deep conditioning treatments it makes my hair feel oily. My hair was a lot stronger in strength and it was always convenient for me to get. I was very pleased with this Ion deep conditioning and I plan on continuing these treatments weekly. I definitely recommend this for anybody who has brittle or damaged hair, this is like a miracle product that really works.



I was pleased with the results after using Ion deep conditioner.


**I first used a sample of Ion deep conditioner I purchased at a local beauty supply store. I used the product without any expectations really. So many products are advertised to do something they dont, never have and never intend to do. Hhmm sounds like a definition for .. false advertising. Doesn't it?** **Ion's deep conditioner actually does what it advertises to do. I was extremely pleased the the results. So much so that I took the time to keep the empty sample, instead of just throwing it away like I usually do after using sample products. I definitaly wanted to purchase more of this particular product. **

Fontana, CA


works realy good on damaged hair makes hair really soft.


   I have tried several different deep conditioners and this one seams to make my hair realy soft and it makes me keep touching it... also don't weigh down my hair like most of conditioners seam to do... I really like that after a week you can still feel like its hellping your hair...

Newport, OH


Ion Deep Conditioning

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