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Leave-In Conditioner
Ion Leave-In Conditioner

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makes your life so much easier when detangling hair


This ion leave in conditioner totally rocks. I love it because you don't have to rinse it out. It works awesome on getting out all those tangles in my hair. Its weightless so it doesn't drag my hair down to look flat. It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. I even noticed that it moisturized my dry ends making them feel so much smoother. When my hair dried after I showered and applied leave in conditioner, my hair still felt very soft and it was so much easier for me to style my hair. I really did notice a difference in my hairs texture. I would recommend this to anybody that needs extra moisture or if you have a lot of tangles in your hair. This product works wonders in my hair and my hair is very hard to please because its blonde. I use a lot of heat on my hair too so my hair feeling softer through all that heat damage makes me love this leave in conditioner more. I purchased this at sallys beauty supply its a bit expensive but worth every penny.




Luv Ion Products


I am an extensive user of Ion products and I must say that this is one of them I would definite say that this product aids in making my hair more manageable. I have long, naturally wavey hair that tends to fizz up quite a bit. If I don't put a lot of conditioner on my hair, it becomes unmanageable and ends up drying quickly out of the shower and is hard to style. When I use this product, it seems to make it easier to comb through my hair and prepare it for styling. I have tried other more expensive products and the only other one that was compete with ION is Biolage spray in conditioner, but Biolage is way more expensive than ION. ION is about one third of the price of Biolage spary in conditioner. Ion also has a very pleasant smell to it. The conditioner does not have any kind of chemical smell to it, but it has more of a pleasant, fruity type of smell. With the relatively low price and effectiveness of this product, you really can;t go wrong to try this.


Lansing, MI


Ion Leave-In Conditioner is my Number One beauty product


Ion Leave-In Conditioner is my Number One must-have beauty product and so makes taking care of my hair easier. If you already have long hair or would like to you should definitely give this product a try. I think it is great for all types of hair and has alot of benefits for any one. I initially discovered this product at Sally's Beauty supplies and thats the only place I know to get it but it would not surprise me if you'd also find it at beauty parlors and hair salons. I was looking for a good conditioner but what this product really does for me is detangles and also handles frizz. It says on the bottle it also adds body & shine , helps balance moisture and protects against damage also. I like it because it is easy to use and not very expensive. I have really long hair and a twelve ounce bottle lasts about two years for me. All I do is spray some on right before I am ready to comb or brush my hair and the tangles virtually disappear. The scent is very mild and pleasant.


Lilburn, GA


Ion Leave-In Conditioner

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