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Intex 14' x 42" Round Metal Frame Pool

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Still Standing!


We bought this pool last year in July and left it up all Winter long. It's all dirty inside now but it looks good and we can still swim in it if we cleaned it out and refilled it. My family had so much fun in it last year and I'm sure we will have more fun for the years to come. I can't wait! I love Summer and this pool is perfect even though it is a expensive to keep up with. The only part I hate is the those things that stick out inside the pool for the filter. I myself and the kids have gotten a scratch on our backs because of those things when we're doing the whirlpool thing. Also it could become dangerous when you do the tsunami wave thing with the tubes because the pool sides could burst so try to avoid that. This is a great pool for kids, teens and adults!!



My family loves this pool!


We bought this pool two summers ago.  We have used it through two pool seasons and it's still holding up very well.  I love that I can set it up by myself, especially since my husband farms and is usually in the field when it's time to put the pool up.  It's very simple to assemble as well as very simple to take back down.  We really love that we can disassemble it and store it in our basement through the winter.  We haven't had any problems with tears in the liner, rusting or any filter problems.  Everything has held up well.  We love that everything came in one affordable package and that all we had to buy separately was chlorine, chlorine basket, a leaf skimmer, and filter cartridges.  The only thing I've had any troble with were getting the plastic "pins" down through the supports.  Sometimes it's difficult to get them in, which means it takes a little longer to set up than it should, and I've also broken them trying to remove them.  However, this year I used a hammer and that helped a lot.  I highly recommend this product!

Washington Court House, OH


Intex 14' x 42" Round Metal Frame Pool

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