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Intex 12ft X 30in Round Frame Pool Package


Lounge In The Summer Sun In The Metal Frame Pool 12 x 30

The Intex 12 ft. x 30 in. Round Frame Pool Package gives you all of the comfort and summer fun of a pool without the enormous price of having one installed at your home. This very affordable above ground pool is a full 12 ft. wide, 12 ft. long and 30 in. deep, meaning this pool is more than large enough for parents and children to cool off in during the blazing summer months.

Along with being a great place to relax when the temperatures rise, the Metal Frame Pool 12x30 also features easy and durable construction. All that is needed to put the pool together is to lay the liner on a flat surface and construct the frame, which snaps together with ease. The pool also comes with an instructional DVD that will walk you through building and taking care of your new pool.

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Not top of the line pool


When we moved into our new house with a large backyard, I didn't want to take up all the space with an in ground pool when I knew I already wanted to get them a swingset and enough space to play in. So we decided to go with an above ground that was big enough for all of us to go in and the kids to swim, but not so big that it would use a lot of yard space and require a lot of maintenance. We purchased the Intex 12x30 round frame pool after viewing it online and in store. It's price was fair and it looked fairly simple to set up and came with a DVD to guide you through. The problem is you can't use the DVD outside to actually help. It wasn't a nightmare to set up, but nowhere near how easy they make it seem. We had to make a flat surface in the yard so it was even and my kids wouldn't feel every pebble in the ground. The bars were a bit of a pain to put together and took a little muscle to get it together. When all was done we did get to enjoy the pool for a couple of months. The problems are the filter it comes with is terrible. I don't know why it wasn't filtering good but I had to vacuum it and shock it which is usually ridiculous for a medium sized pool. I was skimming everyday and because it wasn't working properly, my pool would often turn that foggy blue color. I think next year we will be reconsidering putting up that pool again.



Good for a short time


We purchased our Intex pool from Walmart. We brought it home to put it together and it was a nightmare. No matter how quick and easy the instructions make assembly sound, get ready for some work. You will also need to haul in sand to put the pool on, otherwise, prepare to feel every single bump on the ground and have rocks cut your liner open. After hours of snapping poles together, we finally got it put together. We enjoyed the pool for about a year before the pump went out. We called the company who replaced the pump. The next year, the pump went out again. The pumps for these pools have a lifespan of about a year and that is all. Also, the hoses that go to the pump will dry rot in the direct sun and will begin to crack open so you will lose water quickly. Also the pump does not clean the water very well and you will spend hours trying to fish out all the debris that the pump doesn't catch. After a few years of constant work, lightning struck the pool pump and we gave up. The pool was wonderful when it was working properly and I liked that it was shallow enough for the kids to play in. However, with the work involved and the pumps constantly going out, we gave up.

Empire, AL


Intex 12ft X 30in Round Frame Pool Package

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