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Intex 12' x 30" Metal Frame Pool

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Good product for toddlers


We purchased this Intex 12' x 30' Metal Frame Pool for our then 2 1/2 year old for summertime last year. The depth was perfect for him. He could be in there and splash around and play. There was enough room in there for my wife, son and myself plus another adult or two could fit in there. The maintanence was low as well. We never used a cover on it, and it took minimal effort to clean it. It also was pretty easy to set up. The instructions were simple enough. We took it down for the winter time and it was just as easy as putting it up. The quality and durability really suprised me. The walls were strong enough to withstand my son hanging on them. Overall, this pool is a good value and agreat for smaller children.

Bridgeport, WV


Great Pool!


The Intex 12' x 30" Metal Frame Pool is a great pool. We were looking for a smaller pool for our kids and this worked out awesome. It was just the right depth for our older daughter and just deep enough to push our younger one to work hard to learn to swim. The Intex 12' x 30" Metal Frame Pool was very easy to put up. We had two adults working on it. One person could do it by themselves, but it was a bit difficult due to the weight of the liner. Very simple directions to follow (if you bother to read them). You spread out the liner, assemble the poles, and up goes the pool. The filter is also very easy to install. All the connections screw together so it makes it very simple. Once that is setup, you are ready to fill it with water! The kids loved it and so did we! It was extremely durable, putting up with our extremely active kids. It was simple to drain and store, just simply reverse the assembly. It lasted being stored for the winter and went right back up in the spring without any problems.

Canton, OH


Great Pool for young kids


I purchased this pool early this summer for my kids and my family.  We wanted a pool that my 3 year old could play in and not have to worry about not touching the bottom of the pool. Also we wanted a pool that the kids could play and hang on the side some without the water all coming out.. This is an issue with intex easy up pools that have the inflatable ring. This pool is the perfect depth for people with younger kids since the can play in the water and still be able to touch easily. It is also great for adults I have gone in the pool every time with my kids this summer and it is big enough that I too enjoyed it.   I did have a problem with the filter that came with the pool. It stopped working only 2 days after setting up the pool. I called Intex and they replaced the pool filter free of charge but it took 3 weeks to get the new filter. Also this pool doesn't come with a ladder.  Which is worked for me since I didn't want the kids being able to get in on their own, but others would want a ladder and have to buy one separately. 

Montgomery, IL


Intex 12' x 30" Metal Frame Pool

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