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International Delight
International Delight Sugar Free French Vanilla

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Love this stuff. Just got it when it was on sale at Harris Teeter. It exceeded my expectations. I got hooked on this at MCDonalds when they had the free samples. This is rich and creamy. It also has no aftertaste. It says put over ice, but I just poured it from the carton.

Concord, NC


All the taste with low carbs.


I never thought I'd be a coffee drinker, but thanks to International Delight, I can enjoy the chemical effect of coffee sweetened with their great flavored creamers - but without all the sugar.  So far, their sugar free versions only come in French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Both are good; I personally prefer Hazelnut.  Their other flavors are delicious, too, but I don't want all that sugar. Since coffee itself is too bitter for me, I need to add a lot of sweetner to make it palatable.  With the sugar-free flavored creamers, you get a better flavor than just cream and sugar and I can put in a good dose without guilt!  Coffeemate also makes sugar free versions of their flavored creamers, but they must use a different artificial sweetener, because they are awful.  International Delight is kind of expensive, but it's well worth it! Enjoy!

North Aurora, IL


Incredibly smooth and great tasty and SUGAR FREE!


I have vowed to like coffee.  I want a change from my Diet Coke addiction.  I have tried this with coffee at church as well as over Iced Mocha's that I've made at home.  This is the only way so far that I am able to enjoy coffee.  I have even tried the Blueberry Cobbler flavoring and oh that was so good!  I now enjoy a coffee drink on occasion that I can make at home.

Lynnwood, WA


Sugar free french vanilla internation delight creamer low cal &


I don't really watch what I eat as much as I should but drinking sugar and calories isn't for me, I would rather eat them.  But I do like flavoring my coffee and I don't go to coffee shops so I enjoy flavored creamers.  I have bought sugar free syrups and added them to coffee with half & half but this creamer tastes better.  I don't miss the sugar at all, in fact it tastes better with out it.  I only wish more flavors were available in sugar free because now there is only french vanilla and hazelnut.

Plano, TX




I'm addicted!!  Was so happy they came out with a sugar free version as I tend to add about 4 servings (4 Tablespoons) to each cup.  This is sweet and creamy and absolutely delicious!!!  It adds delciousness to fancy coffee or standard coffee.  I have been known to run to store late at night to get some if I'm out because mornings without this creamer would be very sad! :)  It's essentially the same calories as the Fat Free version but it's nice knowing I am not having as much sugar.  It's often on sale at my grocery store and I've recently learned the hard way to stock up when it is on sale as the sugar-free kind gets bought up fast!  You can also often find coupons by visiting International Delight website which is nice.  I've tried generic creamers before and they truly do not compare in quality.  This is one product I will never mind paying full price for if it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon. '  

Fort Wayne, IN


International Delight Sugar Free French Vanilla

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