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InterMetro Shelving

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Sturdy freestanding shelving


We have two sets of the InterMetro Shelving in our place. We needed shelves in our closets and the InterMetro Shelves looked fairly easy to assemble and seemed sturdy enough for what we needed. We also wanted something freestanding so that we wouldn't have to drill into the walls and worry about getting the braces into the studs. It's easy to assemble and you can place the shelves exactly where you want them. That's a huge plus for us since we wanted a couple of high shelves and a few lower ones to store different sized items without a bunch of wasted space.  You put these "clips" over the legs where you want the shelf to be, then slide the shelf down into position.  Repeat for as many shelves as you want.  Getting the first shelf on can be a little tricky since the legs are all loose with nothing holding them together.  But once the first shelf is on, the rest are cake. I assembled both sets of shelving by myself in a few minutes each. They're also pretty easy to get apart again if you need to remove them. Just pop the shelves back up over the top and remove the clips. Despite the ease in getting it apart again, I never had any worries about how sturdy they were or about them falling apart while putting things on/off of them. There are no worries about capacity - each shelf holds up to 300 pounds so it's plenty strong for household use.

Oakland Gardens, NY


InterMetro Shelving

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