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Intellx Inc.
Intellx Inc. Inspiral

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"Seashell" condom! Excellent for men AND women!


The Inspiral is truly amazing. I had never felt anything like it before! We both loved it. The Inspiral has a unique shape, the head of the condom is shaped like a nautilus shell. Yeah, that's what I said. You have to see it to picture it. www.inspiral.com. Anyway, it's kind of hard to write a good review of this product without getting into too much detail, but here I go. Because of it's design, the Inspiral creates more of the "good friction" that a man wants to feel(according to my husband). And it makes a woman feel as though the penis is an actual spiral, "massaging and twisting" as it enters and exits. Instead of just the regular in and out thing. We've tried numerous condoms: ultra thin, ribbed, nubbed, etc. NOTHING feels as good as this! Well, I hope I gave you a good review without getting to graphic for you!


Charlotte, NC


Intellx Inc. Inspiral

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