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Intellipet Bark Solver

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I wish I had found this years ago!


This has been one of the greatest products I have found. After one of my dogs passed, the surviving dog would be very upset during the day by himself when I went to work. The neighbors and the landlord were complaining. I needed to do something, but I didn't want to get him a shock collar. I have previously tried collars and found them not to be effective. I'm the only one that ended up getting shocked by it and it hurt! I couldn't imagine my small dogs wearing that. I've heard dogs can become addicted to the citronella collars. My dog is also pretty old and has seizures. I worried for his health and well-being. I found the IntelliPet Bark Solver and figured it had to be worth a shot. Worked like a charm! Must cheaper and safer than the collars. Adjustable sensitivity. I just wish it had a power switch because I often rip it off the wall when unplugging it. It typically needs to be unplugged when I am home because we are a noisy family and it will go off. The dog doesn't seem to mind it going off due to other reasons, but it seems to get less effective when it tends to go off when he isn't barking. I recommend this product in a heartbeat.


Lakewood, OH


Intellipet Bark Solver

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