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Intel T|X Handheld

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Totally useful


I want a device separate from my phone and this is perfect.  I have my calendar and address book on here, download and read e-books (while standing in line at a store or something), play games (I'm a sudoku addict!), and even have Word and Excel docs.  There's a calculator, which comes in handy in the grocery, a notepad that works like a sticky note that is terrific for jotting stuff down in a hurry, and even a world clock - which I like because I work with people in several different countries and never remember what time it is in New Zealand!   I can even load up music and videos and use it like an mp3 player!  I keep my gradebooks here and when a student wants to know their grade progress, I can just pull up the spreadsheet right there in the hallway or lecture room.  The hot-sync feature keeps it synced with my computer, so I never risk losing data.  It is very light and compact, turns on with no boot up time, and fits easily into my purse or even my pocket. And I can even access the internet on it via wi-fi.  I would be totally lost without this.  

Pompano Beach, FL


Workhorse PDA for work use.


The Palm T/X is a great work PDA.  Very useful calendar--setting alarms is the only way I make it to meetings on time.  Can color code calendar items by type.  The memory allows me to load several medical databases at the same time.  The word and database programs are really useful, also.

Hudson, OH


Great for PDA without phone


The Palm T/X is a great option for a PDA without a phone.  I personally like the difference in the two and did not want a dual product.   The QWERTY option for writing is great and easy to use, and easy to hide if you want to use the graffiti method.

Trexlertown, PA


Intel T|X Handheld

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