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Inspire 4G Smartphone

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The phone is one of the best smart phone I have ever used. It's vary easy to set up and use. It is a vary simple look and set up for a phone design. It was also vary easy to transfer all my info from my old phone as well. Performance Everything runs fast and smooth, but apps crash every now and again Voice Quality It picks up my voice well and all calls I get are all clear and nice. Battery Life The battery does die faster with a lot of apps running in the back ground. Ease of Use The setup was easy and smooth. Design The design vary simple and vary good every thing works great and smoothly



Its Okay..


Perfect phone. Performance It's fast, just sometimes laggs and freezes force close alot. I've had two htc inspire's 4g desire hd and they both have done it. Its not any apps or anything I have because I dont have many. Voice Quality Phone is a little squeaky when you talk on it. Battery Life Battery Dies Quick Durability Alot of people volume buttons mess up or break frequently Ease of Use It is easy to use tho. Design Pretty design



Inspire 4G Smartphone

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