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Insignia in. HDTV-Ready TV

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Great TV


The insignia 42 inch HDTV is a great TV that provides a very good HD picture. When hooked up to HD this TV is simply amazing the picture on it is incredible with the colors and the contrast looking very sharp without any fuzzness or any breaks. You can also watch all types of sports in HD as this TV will not lag like the newer LED and LCD TVs which are not as good as plasmas. The sound quality on this TV is decent although you may want to get a home theater system so that you can actually hear some bass out of the stuff that you are watching on the TV. I would like this TV to be louder though even when the volume is on full blast the TV is not that loud and you will not be able to hear it if you have a large group of people talking while you are trying to watch TV. This TV also has plenty of hookups for video games and blueray players making it ideal for a gamer to have have multiple game consoles hooked up to one TV.




I'm sold on insignia


I was set on getting a specific name brand LCD tv, but when we saw these in the store, my husband and I were very impressed with the picture quality. The TV also has a very nice, sleek design. I really like the way it looks. The 42" size is perfect for our living room. Its nice and big without looking excessive. it really looks great. It was easy to hook up. We barely cracked the manuals and had our new Insignia TV and PS3 up and running.  We have had the TV for 8 months and the only con is the amount of dust it collects! I feel like I am forever dusting behind and under that TV. It might just be our new place though. We got the TV right after we moved, so I have nothing to compare it to, really. I am truly happy with this purchase, though. I was reluctant as first, I didn't think we needed such a big fancy tv. It was worth every penny, and we will be replacing our tv in the bedroom in the next couple of months. There is no doubt in my mind we will be getting another Insignia.


Charlotte, NC


This Insignia LCD HDTV is top of the line.


My husband and I (well, mostly my husband) spent months researching flat screen tv's.  We are very careful with our money and don't shell out big bucks without a lot of forethought and research.  We had decided on an LCD tv due to glare in our room.  We liked the plus of a tv that is better on energy usage and does not radiate much heat. We chose the Insignia 42" 1080p LCD HDTV because of many things.  It had the best picture by far of all the tv's in our price range. There are plenty of inputs for our needs - most of our components are routed through our receiver rather than through the television.  It is the perfect size for our room and for our entertainment center.  The clincher was that this television was on a super sale the day we happened to be shopping! We are quite pleased with this television. The only downside we have noticed so far has been with the remote control.  The television has a very small remote control sensor.  We have to be fairly accurate with the remote for it to work. Since we hardly use the tv remote for anything but turning the television on or off, it really isn't a big deal.


Wheeling, WV


Awesome Value HDTV


Alright I got this tv on sale for 500 at bestbuy over a year ago and I haven't regretted it at all.  This television has really decent picture compared to even the 1080s, and can be set brighter and still look good.  The sound on the tv is good until you try putting the volume very high.  This is more noticeable if you put on the SMS surround which can end up making you put the volume all the way up just to hear.  If you have a entertainment system than this won't really be an issue at all.  There is a small issue with pictures burning in temporarily if you leave anything on for too long or if something is on there for a while like a channel logo.  This is temporary and will go away after a few minutes.  There are all the basic connections standard on most tvs except for a lack of pc input which is a real downer.  Two Hdmi inputs help a little.  The tv itself is all black and very sleek, I just wish I could hide the big ugly white Insignia logo on front ;)


Salem, NH


I love the picture quality of my 42" Insignia TV!


I have the 42" Insigna 1080p flatscreen TV, and I absolutely love it!  It is the best television I have ever owned..  The picture quality is so clear it feels like your right there on the set with them!  I mostly use my TV to watch movies from my computer!  I also love the fact it gives me the option as just having a 42" computer monitor by adapting it to my HDMI jack for the computer and allows me to do all my work from the television.  It is now my web office and I love it!  I think everyone should get one! All my friends are so shocked all that I can do with my television!  I wanted a LG but I am definitely happy with my INSIGNIA! Kudos to Insignia!


Vancouver, WA


NS-LCD42HD is an overall great tv with a couple minor annoyances


Upon the arrival of my new tv, I was very happy with it's very low profile. It's only about 3 inches thick. Also, it looks great. The placement of the speakers isn't at all noticable and there is very little wasted space.   while plugging everything in, I realized a small problem.... This tv only has 2 hdmi inputs on it. I have a ps3, a cable box and my computer running through it... and I want to get a new xbox 360. I currently have an older one that only has the component outputs on it but the newer ones have hdmi out on them... so this means I will have to buy or possibly build an hdmi switch to be able to have everything plugged in at the same time. However, this will also eliminate another problem I have with this tv...   When switching between inputs on the tv, it takes a long time to aquire a signal. when switching to a omponent input, it can take anywhere from 12-15 seconds and when switching to hdmi, it has been up to 40 seconds.   These are really only annoyances though. The performance of the tv once it is running is actually quite good. The lag from the hdmi signal seems to be unusually low for its size, which is very helpful when playing games.    It also works great as a computer monitor. I sit about 12 feet from it and can read 14 pt font fine. It is also great for playing pc games. It has very vivid colors and gives you lots of options for adjusting them to your taste.   Overall, this is a great tv for the price as long as you don't have too many of one type of input or are worried about switching inputs too often.


Scottsdale, AZ


Insignia in. HDTV-Ready TV

4.8 6