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Insignia NS-LCD22-09 LCD HDTV

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A good value tv


This is a good television for affordability and picture. My husband and I bought this tv for our apartment. It is exactly what we were looking for. A decent television that was fairly priced to last us a few years until we moved into a house. As we did not want to spend a lot of money on a television that we will most likely leave behind when we move. The picture quality is very good for what it is. My husband and I aren't technologically spoiled and so we don't have to have the lastest model of tv's. As much as we would love a 3-d tv or smart tv, it isn't a priority. Our kids wouldn't even let us use it if we owned one anyway. They watch Nick Jr., Disney, etc most of the time and cartoons pretty much look good on any tv. We have not had any problems at all with this television and would purchase from Insignia again. Picture Quality Great picture quality for what it is. It's not perfect but it's not terrible. Sound Quality The sound is great. I have never had any issues with it. Durability The tv has held up nicely and is still going strong. Design Very nicely designed. I like the frame and size. Performance The performance is great. It works like it is supposed to work. A basic tv with a clear picture and very good sound. It's not fancy. But we like it.

Medford, NY


Great TV for a great price


I love this TV and I will keep it for as long as it continues to work. The picture quality is strong for a little TV with a great price. I have used it with cable, which worked well, and with the good old rabbit ears, which still produced great picture. It has connections for all the extra stuff like DVD player, my Wii, and an HDMI cable for my computer. I love using it to play Wii and stream Netflix through it. I never have issues with sound or picture quality. I really love this TV and will definitely buy an Insignia again. Picture Quality With a smaller screen, I've never had issues with poor picture quality. Sound Quality I've never had issues with the sound. Durability I have had this TV for six years and it is still going strong. It has moved with me each year that I have owned it, first in and out of dorm rooms and then apartments. It never fails. Design I wondered at first if the little stand that it was on was going to be sturdy enough, but so far so good. I haven't had any issues with instability.



Great tv for the price.


Great tv for the price. Go with the 1080pd not 680pd. That is the speed refresher rate of the picture. On a smaller tv 680 is fine (29" or less) on 30" and up it blurrs and you see squares why the picture is trying to catch up. It only last a second but can be annoying. Sound Quality Great sound. Durability There is not a tv on the market that will last 25years or more like the old ones.

Colorado Springs, CO


Insignia NS-LCD22-09 LCD HDTV

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