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Insignia 42" Plasma HDTV

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a new brand insignia t.v


i had purchased a 42 inch insignia plasma television, i am truly impressed i  had purchased this item for only 899.99 back in december as a christmas gift for myself and better half.. we hung it on the wall in our bedroom and was very satisfyed in doing so... our bedroom is now the movie room ... great effects in this television has hd built in etc this brand was unknown for many years and is making a killing in funds over the years . this company is expanding and fast at that.. this product looks very rich in quality and we are very very impressed with this item which only cost 899.00 we could n t do this again if we tried we are waiting for another sale now for another television through out our home we are very pleased with this product and give it many thumbs up!

Bartow, FL


Insignia 42" Plasma HDTV

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