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Insignia 42" Class LCD HDTV

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Great television with a great warranty.


I never thought that I would want a 42" television in my bedroom but my husband talked me into it and boy am I glad he did. We bought the Insignia 42" Class LCD HDTV NS-42L550A11 and I couldn't be more pleased. This television is just the right size for our room, it has an easy to use remote and the setup of this television is very easy too. It could use another outlet (hdmi) to be able to hook up our old VCR along with our blue ray and our cable box but it is not big deal to unplug one and plug in the other when we want to watch the VCR. This television came with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty which to me, means they have confidence in their product. It has a headphone jack which is nice because my husband likes to listen to television sometimes when I am sleeping so he uses ear buds. We did not have to break the bank to get a super nice quality - both picture and sound - television.

Toledo, OH


Quality, long-lasting product


We've had this TV for more than four years and have had absolutely no problems with it. We initially purchased this TV, our first flat-screen set, based on a very positive review in Consumer Reports. I was a little leery buying an expensive, store brand electronic product. Four years later, I can say with confidence my fear was misplaced. The set has given us no problems. None. The picture is clear and sharp, the reception is excellent, I've had no issues with broken pixels. The sound is typical of a television -- it's not high end sound. For that, you'll need a surround-sound system in addition to the television sound. But in terms of an all around family workout house television, I'm happy with this purchase and have no problem recommending it.

Greensboro, NC


Great TV for Price


This TV is good. Great picture. It looks great in a TV entertainment center. You may have to make sure you know how to use the settings to get the best out of it. Sound isn't the best, but most people use their sound systems now a days. For the price it was worth it.

Fresno, TX


Nice TV for the price!


We wanted to get a flat screen tv to replace our tube tv. We didn't want to spend a great deal of money on it but wanted something with a good picture. The Insignia fit the bill. It's mounted nicely on our wall and has a good picture. It doesn't heat up and we don't see any glare when the blinds are open. The sound could be a bit better and sometimes we have to turn the volume up a bit. I believe some of the sound issues have to do with the various television stations. I think it could also be resolved by getting an external speaker system of which we haven't invested in yet. Our movies look great. The picture quality is very good compared to other more expensive televisions. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but if your looking for something simple with good quality picture the Insignia is the way to go. The visual looks of the television is nice and the price won't break your wallets.

Marysville, WA


Insignia 42" Class LCD HDTV

4.5 4