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Insignia 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV/DVD Combo

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This Insignia TV/DVD Combo has aged graceful


I have owned this Insignia NS-LDVD32Q-10A 32" HDTV/DVD Combo television for approximately 3 years. I was thrilled when I first purchased this television and just as happy with it now almost 3 years later. I purchased this HDTV/DVD combo television for my son as he enjoys watching DVD's. Space is somewhat of an issue in his bedroom. Trying to maximize the space and eliminate clutter I decided that this TV/DVD combination would be perfect for him. We mounted the television to his wall (which was easy enough). This is a perfect bedroom sized television. To date, this tv has been everything I could have hoped for. It has been extremely durable and still works as great today as when first purchased. Although this is only 780p and not 1080p, the picture quality is still crisp, clear and highly detailed. I had made the decision at the time that a 780p HDTV would be more than suitable for my son and couldn't justify spending the extra amount on a 1080p TV as in all honesty he would not have noticed the difference. I must also mention that I really like the design of this television. The black high gloss finish on the television looks very smart and still looks modern even three years later. I would most definitely recommend this television/dvd combo for use in a child's bedroom or even in the kitchen.

New York, NY


Great but getting worse


I should let you know I bought this tv a few years ago. This is the one with dvd combo on the side. Lately any movie we put in the dvd player is skipping and getting scratched. Seems like I will need to buy a new dvd player. When I first bought the tv it worked great and was wonderful. The picture is great especially in HD. The price was right when I bought it and doubled as a dvd player so I liked that feature as well. Even though I had read reviews about the dvd player not working great. I am glad I got a few years out of it but it looks like I will be definitely be buying a new dvd player. Possibly a blu ray because it is very frustrating when you are so engrossed in a movie and it starts skippiing just at the spot where the movie gets good. This is an ok product now but was great when I first bought it.

Painesville, OH


Insignia 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV/DVD Combo

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