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Innovage - Wireless Headphones

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Do not waste your money on these headphones.


Innovage wireless headphones use a transmitter that transmits your audio over FM waves. I had a very hard time getting my ipod to play on it, the FM radio would always override it. If I sat in a certain place, I could get it to work ok, sound quality lacks, but I bought these to be mobile, and I can't use them for that. Overall a very big disappointment. The batteries go in the back of the headphones, making them a bit bulky. They don't fit me very well. The instruction manual was very vague.  The controls are somewhat confusing and the transmitter is a little bulkier than I expected.  If you needed a set of simple FM radio headphones, these are an ok buy, but I cannot pick up any stations at my work, inside the building.  They require 4 AAA batteries.  When I could get it to work with my ipod, it didn't even sound like it was stereo.  Overall I am very displeased with this product.

Marietta, OH


Innovage - Wireless Headphones

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