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Conditioner for Chemically-Treated Hair
Infusium 23
Infusium 23 Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair

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Great for every day use!! Love my healthy hair!!


I color my hair, more than I would like to admit. Infusium 23 was used by mother and I started using Infusium 23 Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. I really like that it seems to soften my hair. It doesn't strip the color from my hair like other hair products do. The bottle seems to last forever, which is amazing. My hair feels smooth and doesn't have that blow away frizz. My hair isn't heavy and doesn't look weighted. I love that it doesn't make my hair oily like a lot of products that I have tried. It's easy to use and I have been using it for a long time and have not experienced any build up. My hair tangles so easily and after applying this, it is easy to brush. I like that even after using curling irons, blow dryers, hair color and more on my hair, my hair still looks healthy. I owe this in part to Infusium 23 Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. I also use other Infusium 23 products as well but I am convinced that this combination has to help replenish moisture and repair some of the damage that I have done to my hair. Effectiveness Best all around!! Helps with tangles, dry hair, brittle hair, frizzy hair, colored hair. Scent Smells great!!





I wrote a review on the shampoo so i had to do the conditioner as well. Both of these products are awesome, not just for a drug store brand but even over most of the salon brands i have used. With fine color treated hair you have to be careful of something that will weigh it down and this is a PERFECT balance, it gets the job done and detangles without being too heavy. Would recommend this to anyone.

Knoxville, TN


The Best Conditioner For Your Hair!


Infusium 23 Hair Conditioner for color treated hair, is made with 23 vitamins that strengthens hair, makes hair silky and shiny. Over time, it will help your hair grow longer and thicker. The conditioner helps your color treated hair without stripping the color in your hair. It's gentle for every day use, without build up on your hair.

Fyffe, AL


Infusium 23 Conditioner is the worst I have ever used.


Having seen the benefits of Infusium 23 Conditioner for colortreated or damaged hair, I was expectin my hair to look like the woman's hair on TV.  I was expecting Infusium 23 conditoiner to help control the frizziness of my long, fine hair.  I expected it to be the best on the market for my hair.  It was difficult to get a comb through my hair after using it and it was as frizzy as ever.  I have used other much less expensive brands of hair conditioner and had better results.

Charleston, WV


Infusium 23 Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair

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