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Infinity - Beta Main Stereo Speaker

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High Fidelity Sound at a Great Price


I use four Infinity beta's as the satellite speakers in a 7.1 setup (along with 2 Infinity Beta 50s as mains and a C360 center channel). The system is connected to a Onkyo HT-RC260 receiver.   Pros - Sound quality is excellent, with great range (down to around 60 Hz, which is far below your ear's ability to hear the sound be passed over to the subwoofer.) I can listen to these speakers for ear shattering special effects all the way down to pianissimo sections of classical music, with quality being maintained at each level.    Cons - Not really a con for me - but you should be aware that these speakers are quite large - at about 20 lbs and 14x14x9 inches - they are much larger than you would expect for satellite speakers. If you are an audiophile on a budget who wants great sound - these are perfect. But they may not be for you, if you are looking for a small setup to visually fit into a living/dining room environment.

Aurora, IL


Infinity Beta 20 Speakers - Like Bose, but better


Infinity Beta 20 speakers are clear, pure and just awesome for the price.  Go out and hear them for yourself before you buy another brand.  Infinity has their stuff together. Consider speaker placement when buying speakers for your home.  Oftentimes retail stores will set up speakers they make the most profit on in a way that makes them sound better than the others in the room.  You want them at ear level, whether you are listening to CDs or are using them as a part of a surround sound system.  Nothing is more irritating than a sound system set up with speakers mounted to the ceiling pointing straight out and not at the audience.   

Green Bay, WI


Infinity - Beta Main Stereo Speaker

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