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Infinite Aloe
Infinite Aloe Advanced Formula Skin Care

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Healing aloe in a theraputic lotion


My parents and I picked some of this stuff up at a truck show in Las Vegas. Of all places. It hadn't necessarily caught my eye, since I don't normally suffer from dry skin outside of the winter season. My daddy, on the other hand, who's worked out in the elements all his life has horribly dry skin all year long. He also has skin cancer, and in his older age,  thinning skin. The advertisements claimed it was great for all sorts of skin conditions. From eczema, burns, cracked skin on the hands and feet, windburns, dermatitis.....It was a full page worth of claims. But everything claims to do everything, right? He swears by this stuff! He used to get sores constantly, on his hands just from his skin tearing from being dry and itchy. Hes been using this for over a year now, maybe even going on two. But his skin has visibly improved. It doesn't even look, as thin as it was. It looks healthier, more supple. And for a sixty five year old man that's Great! The elasticity has improved a lot, and his skin isn't nearly as dry as it once was. Everytime I even mention itchy skin for whatever reason, here comes dad, trying to shove YET another jar of his wonder lotion into my bag, lol. At least he cares. lol. But from my own personal use, it does work wonders when your skin is feeling tight and itchy. I slather some on and instantly I get relief. I Make sure to carry a small jar with me during colder days especially. It doesn't have an overbearing or strong scent. Another plus.

Center of the Earth, CA


Infinite Aloe Advanced Formula Skin Care

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