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infantino 3 in1 Grow and Play Activity Gym

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The Grow and Play Gym is fun!


I received one of these when my daughter was about 4 months old. She couldn't really see or grab the toys when she was laying on her back. If I pushed the buttons she could see the lights and hear the music but never quite figured out how to do it on her own. When she was able to sit, she could figure out how to spin the gears and make the music play, but she never really caught onto the keyboard-like buttons on the top. She did learn how to pull the hang-down toys to play music, but didn't see real excited by them. Now that she is using walking toys, she will start to pull up to the Gym and walk with it, but it often rolls too fast for her (and this is on carpet) so she doesn't go very far with it. When she stands up to it, sometimes it topples over forwards because it cannot handle the weight. It's a fun toy but I'm not sure I would buy one if I had another child. We enjoyed it but I think for the money something better could be purchased.

Washington, KS


infantino 3 in1 Grow and Play Activity Gym

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