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Indigo Wild
Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap - Patchouli

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High moisturizing content due to the fact that this brand of soap is one of the more natural ones out there. It's just oils turned into soap and then some goats milk and essential oils. Nothing that's artificial. Because it's a true soap (and not a detergent) it keeps it self-made glycerin and all the fatty ingredients that your skin needs to feel soft and not get over-dried after you bathe. We love this brand, and it's on our list of our top ten choices of real soaps made with few ingredients. Effectiveness It's very effective. Lathers well (and we have hard water with a high mineral content). It's a smooth, thick soapy lather that contains a lot of fatty ingredients that keep your skin hydrated (but not oily). We use it as a all-over body wash, and it's perfectly safe to use as a facial soap, too. Scent While I'm more for lightly scented (or unscented) soaps, my husband loves the scent of this bar. Our children are fine with it. At least if I'm going to use a scented bar, this one is done naturally with essential oils and not artificial fragrances.



Get it for your husband!


First, I have to say that Indigo Wild's Zum soaps are all natural goat's milk soap and are the ONLY soaps that keep our hands from cracking all winter long.  I love the variety of scents Indigo Wild offers and Patchouli is one of my always-order picks.   I didn't know what Patchouli was except to say that someone else had recommended it so I ordered it.  Patchouli-mint is nice as well.  My favorite is Patchouli-Frankincense.  That scent used to be called Frankenfetti.  Personally, I think that Indigo Wild should have kept the name Frankenfetti - it's more memorable and unique like the company. My husband works in the healthcare field and one of his female patients (after a few visits) actually came out and told him how good his aftershave smelled and wondered where she could buy it for her husband.  He wasn't aware of what she was talking about because he doesn't wear aftershave but realized after a bit that it must be the soap.  You don't really notice it on yourself but other people do.  I sent a bar of the Patchouli-Frankincense/Frankenfetti with him the next time she was there so she could bring it home to her husband.  lol  It's *the* perfect scent for your man. Worth every penny!

Waukesha, WI


Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap - Patchouli

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