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The Grillworks 42

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The Grillworks is a reminder of why we grill in the first place.


You'll probably get dirty, but you'll have a wonderful time doing it.The Grillworks 42 is a handmade machine that is designed for open-fire grilling over wood - thats right, REAL wood.  The kindling and logs that man started the whole outdoor thing over and that still produce some of the greatest-tasting dinners you can find.Crumple up some newspaper, arrange the wood variety of your choice and you are good to go.  Every type of wood will give your dinner subtly different flavors on this grill, but without the fear of over-smoking as there is no lid.  Add to the wood-flame element the V-Channel basting system and 16" of height control and you have more range during actual cooking than any grill out there.Once the fire is started you may cook right away.  Start with the surface high, and pour some oil, wine or butter in the front-mounted basting pans.  The V-Channels in the surface are tilted 4 degrees toward you, so the juices that join the seasonings will be doing a continuous round-trip while you baste.  All of this makes it virtually impossible to end up with a dry dinner.The patented grilling system on this unit won't be seen anywhere else, as it was developed by the inventor after many years studying his favorite international outdoor cooking styles.  He simply built his dream grill.  He is my Dad  :)Full disclosure - these grills are a family passion, and each is polished by hand before it goes out the door.  We don't try to push them on everyone as they are not for everyone - they are a hands on experience for those who love to really orchestrate their grilling. For them our grills are the ultimate instrument.www.grillery.com

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