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Guarantee not honored


Changed warranty in the middle. For years I have purchased covers from this company. They had honored the warranty and sent me another cover because each year it would tear where the wire goes through holes. Also the cover tore in other places. Now they will not honor it saying that it was not a manufacturing defect. Don't buy from this company!!!


Leavenworth, KS


I do not recommend In the Swim


After searching for the best price locally and online, I ordered a Hayward Swimpure Salt system from In the Swim and was told I would receive it at the latest on Tuesday of the next week. I scheduled an install for the system with a pool company for Wednesday. When Tuesday came and went I called to see why it had not been delivered yet.  They said it would not ship for at least ANOTHER week!  It apparently was now on back order.  When I told them that I was expecting it and was told it would be here they acted like I was lying stating, "I can't believe you would have been told that when it has been on back order for a while."  When I explained how I had scheduled an appointment for install I was told "Well, you can just rescedule that."  In their credit they offered a refund immediately. With such an expensive purchase I would expect better service and for them to deliver when promised.  I actually found a  better deal here locally and will continue to purchase my pool supplies from the local supplier and not ever again deal with the **unreliable **In the Swim again.   


Winter Park, FL


Get Your Pool Supplies at Lightening Speed, with In the Swim


Owning a swimming pool can bring many hours of enjoyment during the warm days of summer, but the fun does not come without a price. Pools require constant maintenance and repair, and a pool owner has to keep chemicals on hand and various cleaning tools handy to keep their pool looking presentable. Many communities have pool supply stores, but shopping via the internet is often my preferred means for getting the supplies I need. One online store I have used more than any other for this purpose is **In the Swim**, an on- line store for concerned pool owners. **Web Site Commentary:** In the Swim is my most visited pool supply store on the world wide web and it is a service I have been using for several years. I first got to know about In the Swim when I purchased my previous home- a property that included an 18 x 36 in-ground pool. I didn't know about In the Swim at the time, but the former owner of the home still received mail from pool supply places and one of them was an In the Swim catalog. I looked through the catalog and noticed the prices were pretty good- often better than my local pool supply store. I proceeded to logon to the on- line store to find out more. In the Swim offers all the pool supplies one could ever need at a reasonable price. Most of the chemicals sold by In the Swim are sold under the In the Swim brand name. They are very good and I like the way many of them are packaged. One good example is In the Swim chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are essential to any pool, but the problem with most is that the tablets are packaged by dumping them into a plastic bucket. With In the Swim, the chlorine tabs feature individual packaging: each large tablet is sealed in its own plastic wrapper. This means you won't get much smelly chlorine on your hands and you won't have to tolerate the pungent odor of chlorine when you open the plastic bucket.  Anyone who has handled chlorine knows that the smell is difficult to wash off, so anything that helps minimize the amount of chlorine that comes into contact with the skin is something I welcome. Packaging also includes (with most chemicals) multiple sizes, with several bulk options that help to lower the per- unit cost even further. There is no sales tax to pay at In the Swim (unless you live in Illinois, where the products are shipped from), but there is often a handling charge added to each order. This is one thing about In the Swim that bothers me a little bit, because it is misleading. Often, In the Swim will send e-mail advertisements proclaiming that there is a special offer that includes free shipping. However, this is often a trap because In the Swim is likely to add a $6 to $10 *handling* charge to all orders. You are still paying an extra fee, it just isn't referred to as a shipping charge. As much as this deception annoys me, In the Swim makes up for it on several fronts, and with the shipping, In the Swim earns much praise because it ships orders lightening fast. When I send in orders on- line, I can expect my shipment in only two or three days- without paying any extra charge for this added speed. If it's the slow time of the year, when most people are not using their pool, the shipment is even faster. I have placed orders with In the Swim and received them on my doorstep in as little as one working day! And I didn't have to pay any additional shipping charges for this added speed.  Another thing I like about In the Swim is its pool care tips. This educational section might seem elementary to most people, but for a first- time pool owner, this information can come in very handy. When I first became a pool owner several years ago, I relied on In the Swim to teach me some of the basics; like how to maintain the proper chemical balance, how to backwash, how to close the pool, etc. I found out much of what I know now through this web site. As the winter season approaches, it gets more and more difficult to find chemicals. This is true in most parts of the country- including my new home state of Texas, which is warm most of the year. During these "down" times of the year, In the Swim is one of the few places I can still find pool supplies for sale. In the Swim never shuts down- the web site is always open, selling pool supplies year- round. Some of the best prices In the Swim offers take place during this slower time of the year, from roughly October through March, when most pools are closed for the season.   **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Swimming pools and spas are great recreational additions to any household, but with any amount of fun comes a good deal of work and pools are no exception. In the Swim's on- line store is my favorite place on the world wide web to purchase my pool supplies. The prices are good, the shipping is fast, and the selection is better than average. Most importantly, In the Swim treats its customers with special care, getting the chemicals you need shipped to you quickly and efficiently, eliminating one of the many hassles of pool ownership.


Houston, TX


In The Swim

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