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Imodium Children's Imodium A-D

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Works but Does Not Taste Good


My poor little guy woke up the day after Christmas with diarrhea. After several failed attempts to get to the toilet I knew I had to go and get him something. The first thing that I spotted was Imodium A-D for children. The medication comes in a 4oz mint flavored colored bottle and the medication is mint flavored. It comes with it's own measuring and serving cup. What really surprised me is the large serving sizes required. The first serving after the first indication of diarrhea is 6 teaspoons for kids over 12 and 3 teaspoons for kids from 9 to 11 and 3 teaspoons between 6 and 8. After that first serving though it cuts down to half. That first serving was hard to get in to my son because he did not like the taste at all. In fact if I had, had a camera and took a video of him drinking it for the first time I could have put it on youtube because it was so funny. Unfortunately he could only manage to get about 3/4 of it down and then down right refused to finish it. Knowing he would probably throw it up if I tried to make him take the rest, I just hoped that, that what he took was enough to do the trick. He has not gone to the bathroom since and that was several hours ago so it does really seem to be working really well. The active ingredient is 1 mg loperamide. The product really does work it is just a shame it is so unpleasant tasting. Kids do not want to drink something that tastes awful. I am hoping I won't have to give him any more because I honestly don't know if I will be able to get him to take it. it is kind of too thick to mix it in to something The bottom line is it works great if you can get your child to drink it. Effectiveness Worked really well almost immediately. Ease of Use Would be a lot easier to use if it tasted better. The taste was not one my son wanted to finish. it does not smell really great either. Immediacy Great! Seemed to work right away.

Crystal Lake, IL


Children's Imodium A-D Stops Diarrhea in its Tracks


Little children often suffer from the same ailments as adults, but on a smaller scale. This doesn't make the situation any better, of course, and most parents agree that illness in their little boy or girl is often worse due to the little ones' low tolerance for anything painful or uncomfortable. Diarrhea is one health problem of which children sometimes suffer and there is one very effective product for treatment: **Children's Imodium A-D**, a juvenile version of the most popular over the counter drug for diarrhea treatment.    **Diarrhea Medicine Commentary:** Children's Imodium A-D is a liquid over the counter drug formulated with young children in mind and it's a useful product to have handy when your child develops a nasty case of diarrhea. Most all children experience diarrhea at some point and the important thing to do is stop the runs as quickly as possible in order to avoid dehydration and other problems. Children's Imodium A-D eliminates the problem, helping children recover from diarrhea and slowly return to their normal selves.  One thing I noticed immediately about Children's Imodium A-D is that its age recommendation was lower than I had hoped. The label sets the limit at six years of age, but my girls have not reached their sixth birthday and I hesitated to purchase this product at first for that reason. A quick check with a family physician- as well as many reputable online medical sources- reveals that Children's Imodium A-D is, indeed, safe for my two girls. The important step to take is to reduce the dosage according to weight. My girls are bigger than average and while they do not weigh as much as the average six year old, they are close enough that  I was able to use Children's Imodium A-D with an adjusted dosage.   The most important quality of any medicine is its ability to solve the problem and Children's Imodium A-D is a very good product for solving the problem of diarrhea. In fact, it eliminated the problem immediately, after a single dose. I wasn't really surprised because, even though I had never tried this product before, I have used Imodium A-D for adults dozens of times and it has always worked perfectly. I expected Children's Imodium A-D to be just as good, and I wasn't disappointed at all.  Children's Imodium A-D is sold only in mint flavor, and this could present a problem, depending on the child in question. My girls, and other children like them, prefer the taste of fruit, but they like mint well enough that they did not try to spit this out. However, one slight change that I made was to use a medicine dropper instead of the attached cup. I prefer to use a medicine dropper with my girls because it is less likely to spill. The manufacturer recommends using only the attached cup, probably to safeguard against some parents accidentally measuring incorrectly. As long as you exercise care, a medicine dropper should work just fine.  **** **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Overall, Children's Imodium A-D is yet another highly effective product from Imodium- the leader in diarrhea relief. It stops the runs immediately and produces no side effectst. A small, 4 oz. bottle sells for a relatively high price but the quick relief and the fact that this is the only over the counter diarrhea treatment for children between the age of six and twelve that earns FDA approval make Children's Imodium A-D a product I highly recommend.       

Houston, TX


Imodium Children's Imodium A-D

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