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Imodium AD EZ Chews

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Imodium EZ Chew tablets might not be the best


Alright, so when you wake up in the morning and have to rush to work, you don't always have time to access how your body is "feeling"....then you get to work and "whoops!" you have to run to the bathroom with the "runs" or diarrhea. It's never fun and you need a FAST cure for comfort and confidence. I tried using these "EZ chew" tablets once and I'll never buy them again. Compared to Pepto Bismol tablets that you swallow with water, the Imodium just doesn't do the best job. They taste horrible, chalky and they leave an absolutely disgusting after taste in your mouth for hours afterwards even if you drink water. The feeling you get after taking them is like someone stuffed cotton (alot of it) into your intestines and you can't get it out. Sometimes it stops the diarrhea, and sometimes it doesn't...not a very reassuring thing if you ask me. I don't recommend this product. It cost WAY too much for something you have to gamble on whether or not it will help your "situation".

Idaho Falls, ID


Stop Diarrhea in It's Tracts With Imodium


Imodium EZ chews really work. When anyone in my family developes diarrhea I grab the Imodium EZ Chews. The EZchews seem to work much faster than the tablets.At the first sign of diarrhea you take two EZ chews then you take one after each loose stool but not to exceed four tablets in a twenty-four hour period. That is usually all it takes. After that it has been the experiance at my house that it is cured. Loose runny stools will drain every bit of your energy and who wants that? I don't! That is why I swear by Imodium. Another thing, who has the time to stay in the bathroom all day? With Imodium EZ Chews you won't have to.These tablets are about as big around as a dime and a little thicker. They have a minty taste which is not at all bad.You simply put an EZ Chew in your mouth and chew it up and swallow. That's all there is to it! Imodium EZ Chews work very well and I would certainly recommend them to my family and friends.

Rocky Mount, NC


The taste is a turn-off.


**Imodium A-D Ez Chews-** **Chewable Tablets, Loperamide HCI ** Everyone is probably familiar with Imodium A-D.  This medication is used to "control the symptoms of diarrhea".  Recently, Imodium came out with a "chewable" form of its product with a "Cool Mint" flavoring. Each caplet contains 2 mg Loperamide HCI, the active ingredient in Imodium.  The dosage for adults and children 12 and over is two tablets at the onset of symptoms followed up with one tablet every hour thereafter-not to exceed four tablets total.  I got a stomach virus yesterday and used the Imodium Ez Chews for the first time.  In about 20 minutes, my symptoms were under control.  I took one more tablet that day and my symptoms were gone.  My review of the Imodium A-D Ez Chews is that I won't buy them again.  Because they are "chewable" I think you do get faster relief, but the after-taste is terrible.  The "cool mint" flavoring doesn't really mask the taste of the medicine.  I'd rather wait a little longer for the relief and take one of the regular pills (gel or tablets).  Imodium A-D is a good product--just not the chewables.

Americus, GA


Imodium AD EZ Chews

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