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Imju Fiberwig Mascara

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Holy Eyelashes Batman!


I'm an Imju Fiberwig convert, and I I'm never going back to any old drugstore mascara. While I'm not someone who traditionally shells out for high-end makeup, I can make an exception for this one. I have naturally long eyelashes, but this mascara makes them enormous. Not only does it make them thicker, but the brush paints tiny fibers onto your lashes which adds significant length. I often perform the cardinal sin of falling asleep with my makeup on. But even so, this mascara easily washes off with warm water, and I avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes. This easy removability is also helpful when you accidentally miss your eyelashes and hit your eyelid (I can't be the only one). My only negative comment is that the bottle seems to dry out quickly (before the tube is finished), causing it to be flakier/clumpier. I often receive compliments about my eyelashes, and it's all due to Fiberwig! While the price tag is difficult to stomach, I'm willing to make this my one makeup splurge.




Lashes look longer, but no thickening at all


I received this sample mascara after doing an online beauty survey.  I eagerly anticipated the results -- I love Dior and Lancome mascara, but they are expensive and hard to get off, so I was hoping this  new Imju Fiberwig mascara would work.  It DOESN'T.


Great Neck, NY


love this stuff


It has taken me years to find the perfect mascara, but here it is. It may not be perfect for everyone, and I know for people who are looking for volume only, this isn't the solution. But my big mascara issue was raccoon eyes. I have dark circles anyway (we'll talk about undereye concealer another time, oy!) and every mascara I tried ended up subtly adding to the dark under my eyes. Yes, this is partially because I can't keep my hands off my face (yes, I know I know). BUT--this is it! I put on fiberwig in the morning, and it does not move all day; there is no subtle migration to the tissue of my lower eyelid. AMEN!!In the beginning the product is very wet. This subsides after a week. So if you are having a bit of a mess of a time, keep at it. The best part about making a mess with this stuff is waiting 30 seconds and cleaning up with a qtip. Tada--no need to remove with remover, or wash face and do over.I'm in love with the fact that i can take off all my makeup at night with a quick wash with warm water! So easy!!I will never go back to traditional mascara. Ever!


Fresno, CA


Really great for those with very short lashes


I purcahsed the **Imju Fiberwig Mascara - Pure Black (Sephora Exclusive) about 6 months ago because I needed a solution for my inadequate eyelashes and I was too afraid to try the pharmaceutical solutions such as "Lasstisse" that have side effects such as permanent eye darkening. ****Imju Fiberwig Mascara - Pure Black (Sephora Exclusive) is a great solution for people like me!  It has lots of little fibers in the actual mascara that, when applied, cling to your lashes giving the effect of longet individual lases.  I use this as a final coat over Dior Dior Show lash primer (first coat) and then Dior Dior Show mascara (second coat) then ****Imju Fiberwig Mascara - Pure Black (Sephora Exclusive) (final coat.)  I have been very happy with this combination.  THe lady at sephora told me that she uses and reccomends the Fiberwig as a final coat to protect your mascara from smudging.  This product removes with warm water and a gentle soap.  Does  not **form clumps or globs easily.


Pearl City, HI


Imju FiberWig: outstanding length without clumps


Bottom line: I recommend Imju Fiberwig wholeheartedly. That said, mascara is a very subjective thing. I've read dozens of reviews of mascara only to find that my experience is the opposite of the reviewers. So, your mileage may vary but here is my experience with Imju Fiberwig mascara. Imju Fiberwig mascara is fantastic for building the length of your lashes. If you are interested in adding volume to your eyelashes, this probably isn't the best mascara for you. This is a "tube" mascara, which doesn't flake at all. I'm amazed at the staying power especially since all it takes is a bit of warm water and gentle rubbing to take off the product. DO NOT be alarmed; your eyelashes aren't falling out, but it looks very much like that's what is happening when you remove the product. The product is more on the watery side than the thick side. Layers can be built. I find that I get the best result with a slow application of a couple of coats, and then a blast of air from the dryer to set.


Folsom, CA




I was afraid the fibers in this mascara would create a really heavy artificially look but instead they give you perfect, thick, long lashes.  And I have had no clumping or smudging problems.  Plus the clean up is super simple.  Warm water rinses the mascara off with no tugging or rubbing which helps protect your delicate eye area.


Brooklyn, NY


Does lenghten take a little patience to get it right.


I liked Fiberwig mascara. It does lenghten your lashes if applied right, and it gives a more dramatic look to your eyes. It smudges however so I usually apply fiberwig mascara with Dior waterproof and smudgeproof mascara for a relly intense look. I must say you need a little patience to get the look you desire. But it does work.


Bronx, NY


Buy this Mascara, it is great!


Imju Fiberwig Mascara is great! I <3 this mascara! I took a leap buying this product completely untried and for a friend for her wedding day! It had gotten many positive reviews and I was very curious. I was happily surprised by how much I liked it. I then bought it for myself and use it on a regular basis for the past several months. I could easily see how one would see a mascara product with little hairs in it and be leery. It sounds like 60's science fiction. It also sounds like a potentially terrible idea that is just going to lead to eye irritation. However, there is none of that. This formula deposits little hairs that adds serious eyelash volume, without clumping or little hairs getting everywhere (or really anywhere but where you apply them.) Your eyelashes will look sexy and plump with just a couple of strokes. It may be a bit much for everyday wear if you have natural simple day look, but whip this out for evening as your secret weapon for creating sexy babydoll eyes! If you glam it up all the time then this is an absolute must have for everyday wear. I really hope people continue to use this product so it stays in production. Remember apply mascara side-to-side, not up and down!


Pasadena, MD


Imju Fiberwig Mascara

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