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Imation NCC654-SB Camcorder

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just ok


the spongebob camera/digital video camera is just ok. i bought this for my sons birthday bc he loves spongebob and is always stealing my digital camera to use; however he is only 5 and i was not about to spend a ton of money on a camera for him when in reality its bound to be dropped, wet, etc..  Im gonna say this one is just ok bc i do not like the picture quality. It is a nice size for his hands, he likes it, but he still wants to use mine. I am also tired of replacing batteries!! why dont they make these kids ones more advanced and have rechargable batteries like parent cameras!! argh lol. I guess it does the job he has something, but i wanted more, i wanted to avoid lending my camera to him. He can easily operate this camera, that is not a problem. buttons are easily marked, early depress. it fully functions when batteries are good.  I would not recommmed this to a friend.. only bc its not that cheap and i think you can spend alot less for a kiddie camera.


Marion, NC


Imation NCC654-SB Camcorder

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