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Imaginarium Motorized Marble Race

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Imaginarium Motorized Marble Race entertains


The Imaginarium Motorized Marble Race is recommended for ages 3+ and I agree whole-heartedly. This set is great entertainment for my 3 and 5 year old. They love watching the marbles roll through the mazes of track either manually or automatically with the motorized chain. This set has 150 peices though many are small and add up quickly. The toy comes with 3 diagrams of track you can build and the kids like to make up their own. They are rather creative which I think is great. The diagrams of the track are pretty difficult to follow. Adult assembly is required. The kids get a little frustrated just watching it being built so we tried to involve them. The nice thing is once built the kids will play for a long time before taking it down. Some peices don't fit tight so they want to topple over without support. That makes building even trickier. Also a down side is that the motors need batteries, 2 AA each. and there are parts that light up and make noises as the balls pass through that also take batteries, they are included. I find these parts annoying anyway because you can't turn them off and you can't take the batteries out without taking them apart so when the batteries die we will not replace them. One of the reasons I wanted this toy for our boys was because we had an older version and it was nice and I wanted to add on to it. Be warned that the peices are different sizes and cannot be used together. Also the marbles are different sizes and weights and are not interchangable. I know it sounds like there are a lot of things I don't like but actually I do like this toy a lot therefore I gave it 4 stars.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Imaginarium Motorized Marble Race

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