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Imaginarium 50-Piece Wooden City Block Set

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Creative and imaginative play with no batteries!


These blocks are an EXCELLENT value.  We use them for table top play, but they can also be an addtion to train or Matchbox car play. My child creates a small village with a road winding through it and then adds little bears or animals or even some of her smaller dollies to extend the creative play.  The colors are bright and the shapes are varied, and can be mixed and matched to make numerous combinations of different buildings.  They are solid wood and so very durable and no batteries required!  The blocks come in their own storage bin, but will also fit easily into another bin in many storage systems.Your child will enjoy these blocks for a long time and return to them again and again.

Winnetka, CA


I play with these blocks more than my daughter does.


These wooden blocks by Imaginarium caught my eye because of the bright colors, attractive pictures, and the metropolitan hipness of the concept. This set includes a mat with a road and some landscaping printed on it to build your city on top of, four cars with rolling wheels, a few blocks in solid colors, and a couple of bridges. The rest are squares and rectangles with architectural features painted on them. If put together by style, your city can include a modern high rise, a hotel, a few storefronts, old-world style condos, and a brick apartment building. The pictures on the blocks are so attractive that I like to set up the city as a decorative feature in my daughter's bedroom. The age range of this toy is raised considerably by the design of the blocks, which I think is a flaw. They are not cube shaped, but are twice as tall as they are wide when the pictures are facing out. To build the three and four story buildings pictured on the box, the blocks must be stacked on their narrower side. I wish they were cube shaped and had pictures on all sides of the block, not just one. Despite the drawbacks, I have not been disappointed by this purchase. I can't deny that I bought the blocks for myself, and I enjoy them every day.

Escondido, CA


Imaginarium 50-Piece Wooden City Block Set

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