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Imacasa Burriquito Machete

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Just okay.


I purchased the Imacasa Burriquito Machete awhile ago, probably at least a year if not more. While it worked wonderfully at the time of purchase, it slowly started rusting overtime and now the blade is very worn down. It did cut various things down well when it was new, but now it's lost it's shine. It also seems a little too big to me. Even though it's very light weight, I have a hard time holding it properly because of how long it is. I think that the average female would have a hard time handling this from size a lot. I bought the Imacasa Burriquito Machete in order to cut down some large plants growing in my yard, and it did serves that purpose well, I just wish it would have lasted a little longer before becoming worn out. I got it for a decent price, and it did serve it's purpose, but if you're looking for something that will last longer than a year, you may want to search for a different brand.


Augusta, KY


Imacasa Burriquito Machete

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