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Illuminare Concealing (Extra Coverage) Mineral Foundation

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This was like spackling my face.


A couple of years ago, I endured a spell of adult acne. I was in my early 30s and beginning a new career; looking decent was really important to me. I scoured the web for not only treatment advice but also makeup help, and one of the products I saw frequently recommended was Illuminare's Extra Coverage foundation. Just for background, I am not a makeup beginner. My collection of products, tools, and supplies takes up multiple drawers, and I actually enjoy using all this stuff. So I got my minuscule tube of Illuminare and an odd little applicator pad/sponge thing and I set to work on my disturbed face. First attempts, applied with applicator pad/sponge thing: I looked like I was made of plastic, no matter how sparingly I applied this gunk. Second attempt, applied with a foundation brush: streaky, no matter what I tried. Third attempt, blended with fingers: slightly better, but not a texture I'd describe as anything close to "natural." Fourth attempt, fingers and THEN the sponge thinger: the best so far, but still not a very natural look, and it felt like I was wearing a mask. I GAVE UP. This foundation just does not agree with me.

Norwalk, CT


Illuminare Concealing (Extra Coverage) Mineral Foundation

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