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Spoling High Chair from IKEA - complete waste of money


Even though the Spoling high chair from Ikea is cheap, it is a complete waste of money. First of all it isn't padded. You'll have to fit a cusion over the head rest, otherwise your baby may hit their head on it if they start wiggling about. Secondly, it is definitively not easy to wipe. Food will seep through the plastified fabric and stick to it. It begins to smell very quickly. You can wash it in the washing machine, but then you have no high chair while it's drying. There's a zip for undoing it, but you need a paper clip to open it - this is a safety 'feature'. The last thing you want when you got a crying baby. In short: false economy. We've had this rubbish for three months and now are buying a different one.

Cupertino, CA


Perfectly simple!


After talking to several of my friends, the Ikea high chair got recommended to me the most.  I bought this high chair thinking that it would be worth a try because it is so inexpensive compared to the other high chairs out there.  I do not regret this decision at all!  This high chair is light weight, easy to move around, and doesn't take up too much space.  In fact, I took this high chair to my parents' house when I stayed with them for a week.  It didn't take up too much room in the trunk of the car, and it's easy to set up.  It's easy to clean, which is probably the biggest selling point in my book.  I'm not worried about my baby's safety while he is in it.  It is sturdy with legs that angle out for a wide base, and it has a safety belt.  It does not have toys, but I prefer it that way.  I want my baby to eat when it's meal time, not play!  The only draw back is that the tray is not adjustable, so food gets spilled on my baby's lap.

Draper, UT


Great space-saver high chair


We recently purchased this high chair for my son.  I had originally wanted a hook-on high chair because I did not want anything that took up too much space or was cumberosme.  I did not want a booster seat, because those do not seem very sturdy. This chair put together realitively easy (push together and 4 screws). The zipper was the most complex thing of the whole process (no toggle, you need to put a paperclip thru it to pull open). There is a mesh pocket on the back. This could easily house bibs, extra napkins. This folds and unfolds easily with one hand (while holding the baby).  There is bar that slides down to lock the chair from accidently folding up. THere are rubber pads on the bottom to keep this chair from scratching the floor. They also enable the chair to slide along the hardwood floors. Happy with our purchase of this highchair. Glad we didn't pay more money because this chair is a perfect portable/collapsable high chair.

Chicago, IL



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