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IKEA Dralla Bendable Chopping Board

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Makes cooking so much easier


I'm not a fan of cooking, so anything that makes the task easier is great. This cutting board is durable for chopping, but the fact that it bends so you can funnel the food right into a pot or pan is the best part. This is great for anyone looking to save time or is a beginner cook. The price tag is great, too.



Love These!


I'm always in search of a good chopping board. They wear out so quickly and it's tough to find a truly good one. This is an awesome addition to my kitchen! When I saw these at the IKEA store I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how good could a cutting board be when they come in a two pack for under three bucks? It turns out that they're awesome! First, I love the size, which is roomy enough to cut multiple veggies on before you need to empty them into the pan. When it is time to transfer the veggies to the pan you just bend the board and they remain safely right in the board during transfer. There are none falling out and landing on the floor or counter. Everything stays right where it should be. It's also nice to have two boards in a package. I usually designate one to be used for fruits and veggies only and the other only for meat. I also love that these are made of a material that does not absorb odors so you can use it to cut onions one day and apples the next and there is no lingering odor. I highly recommend these handy little guys to every cook.

Vernon Rockville, CT


great for a casual cook


I will preface this by saying that I am by no means an expert in the kitchen.  I am a wife and a mom who likes to feed her family healthy meals that taste good... but we are a fairly simple family when it comes to cooking.  I really like this cutting board, though.  It is functional - I can chop up my fruit, veggies or whatever without harming my counter tops or making a big mess.  I also really like that it bends to dump things in the frying pan or cooking dish - or to toss the skins, etc. in the trash can without spilling all over.  It stores easily out of sight - because while it is small it's also not particularly fancy or pretty to look at.  But it works for us!  I have had more avid cooking friends comment that it is not amazing, but if you are a casual cook just looking for a simple, easy (and easily stored!) place to chop and dice, then this cutting board would be a great fit for you! 

Columbus, OH


IKEA Dralla Bendable Chopping Board

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