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Igloo 5 - Gal. Maxcold Water Cooler

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Great For Summer Sporting Events


When we tailgate and it's still warm out I like to bring this cooler packed with ice; when we get to where we will be tailgating I fill it with a couple of gallons of bottle water. It's a lot easier to handle it that way and if we need to remove some of the ice to pack another cooler we don't have to stick our hands in ice water. To get the most from this you are going to want to temper it by adding some ice to it to bring down the temperature inside the cooler. Always clean this as soon as possible after using it and allow it to dry completely to avoid having odors build up in it. The front spout makes it easy to get ice water or your favorite beverage from it; if you are going to make a sport drink mix from a powder you are going to want to do that in a gallon jug then add it to the ice so you won't have to worry about it not mixing correctly. I have used this for three summers and it is still working perfectly; it is a well made portable cooler for beverages but you can also use it to chill cans and bottles if you have limited space.



Just as good as I remembered


I remember these coolers from all of the sports events I played growing up. Now that my husband is playing sports again, I wanted to get something to tote water around in rather than buying disposable bottle every week. I immediately thought of the Igloo water cooler and boy am I glad that I did. It holds 5 gallons (more than enough for the whole team to enjoy) and it keeps the water cold even when its sweltering outside.

Virginia Beach, VA


Igloo 5 - Gal. Maxcold Water Cooler

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