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Idylis CADR Large Room Air Purifier

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We have a Idylis Large Room Air Purifier in the office I work in. This device makes SUCH a difference in the air. The reason we chose this machine was because of the UV bacteria killing light that it features. Our office has many people coming in and out of it, including children. The UV feature was important so we could reduce the amount of bacteria for not only our employees but customers as well. The purifier is great for large open spaces. The air feels so much fresher throughout the office. There are never any odors lingering around from somebody's lunch or trash that was forgotten over the weekend. There is an indicator on the device that tells you when to change the filter. You will be shocked by how much junk is in the filter! There is a remote, which makes changing the settings extremely easy. This is a high quality and powerful air purifier. The UV feature on it kills bacteria, which is great if you have any children around. Although this device is pricey, it is worth it.




IDYLIS Air Purifier really makes a difference in your home!


We purchased the Idylis Air Purifier about a year ago, after a few months of sneezing and watery eyes.  I did a little research before we went to the store.  We chose this larger model because of the size of the room we were putting it in.  It is not a closed off room so we needed something that could clean a lot of air.  I have been really impressed with the Idylis.   It has a germ-killing UV light and a carbon filter.  We keep ours on automatic so that when the air needs extra cleaning it kicks up the intake.  I've especially noticed this when I am cooking :( or when the dishwasher is running.  Towards the end of the wash cycle of the dishwasher the purifier goes in to high gear. It removes any strong smells or odors from the home.  It has an indicator to let you know when to change the carbon filter.  My husband just changed it a few days ago and it was NASTY!  So, obliviously, it was doing the job we bought it for!  It also comes in smaller and larger sizes.


Rutledge, GA


Idylis CADR Large Room Air Purifier

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