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Idylis 4-Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Good Humidifier


During the cold winter months, we constantly run a humidifier in the master bedroom. Most humidifiers last one season, this one is withstanding at least two full seasons. It has a humidy guage on it, so it only runs when needed. It provides great output. One negative aspect of his humidifier is the vapor (including the cleaning agent) leaves a light, white film on everything. Consider this if placing the item near furniture that needs regular dusting. Design The slim design is attractive. It has a remote control that makes it easy to use from bed. Additionally, the lights can be dimmed or turned off so they are not a distraction at night.




The ultimate Idylis Humidifier


If you are looking for a multi-function, microbial killing, long lasting machine, then look no further! The Idylis 4 gallon ultrasonic humidifier is a machine that produces both cool and warm mist (you pick), has an ultraviolet light option for killer microbes which maybe present int he water before it goes into the air, auto one/off dependent on humidistat readings and water tank levels, and a built in optional night light. This unit is so cool that even my young children are recognize and are impressed with how much it does. It quickly brings the house up to humidity levels requested and doesn't create the musty, mildew smell that some filtered humidifiers release. The streamlined nature of the unit allows for 4 gallons of water to be stored in the back and yet it takes up very little space. The cool blue colored light panel both on the screen and in the night light feature create a calming mood. This unit does it's job relentlessly and has had no issues in operation at all. The instruction manual is easy to follow and the set up and programming is very user friendly. It even comes with a gallon filling pitcher to help you know how much to put in. We have gone through a lot of humidifiers over the years that claim they can humifify the whole first level of our home, but never do or take three refills a day to do so. This unit only needs filling every couple of days and every room in my house is comfortable. Two thumbs up!


Pueblo, CO


Idylis 4-Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier

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