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Dry Dog Food
Iams ProActive Health Chunks Dry Dog Food

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My dog was allergic to this brand of Iams


I thought I was doing my dogs a favor by paying more for Iams brand. My poor sheltie kept chewing at her paws and they were swollen and sore. Several trips to the vet, cortisone shots and meds didn't help. Finally, I switched to Hills Science Diet and her problem cleared up immediately! I now make sure that she gets food that doesn't list corn as the first ingredient. I still feed the Iams to my other dog with no problem, but the sheltie will be eating Hills from now on.

Tacoma, WA


Sensitive Tummy's Be Gone!


Having a german shepard who proved his "KNOWN TO HAVE THE MOST SENSITIVE STOMACHS " title in his dog breed we were flabbergasted trying different dog foods that would settle his poor belly .Once we got him on Iams Proactive (Lamb & rice ) it was litterally 4 days and his belly troubles were gone! We thought could it really be that simple? So ...our son slipped and gave him his old dog food by mistake ,yep same thing, Iams got him right back on track. Its worth its weight in KIbble just ask MY BEAU! LOL

Franklin, IN


My dogs love this food


I switched my dogs' food from Eukanuba to Iams ProHealth Chunks about a year ago and am very happy with the outcome! I could not longer afford to keep buying the top of the line anymore with the economy, and was worried about how my dogs would react. I have a German Shorthaired Pointer with a very senstive tummy and can't give her just any food. Since Iams is made by the same company as Eukanuba, I decided to give it a try. Both of my dogs love their food, and actually find it easier to eat if they are served the small chunks. The price is very reasonable for the this product, and I feel much better serving this as opposed to just some regular old store brand off the shelf. My dogs have never suffered from any intestinal issues since eating the Iams ProHealth Chunks, so I feel confident that the food they are eating is good for their digestive systems.  My Schnauzer has a shiny coat and I couldn't be happier!

Clayton, NC


Great Dog Food!


I have two dogs. One of which, suffers from problems digesting food. After several months of testing we figured out that he needs to be on a diet that contains active cultures, much like what people get when they eat yogurt. His body does not naturally produce them. So I had to begin feeding him a high-priced prescription food and sprinkling on this powder that contained the cultures. This became very expensive and hard to locate the food and powder, not to mention time consuming every morning and night. When I became single again, I quickly needed to find a food that would be cheaper but give the same health benefits as the prescription food and powder. I found IAMS proactive food and bought it. I began by mixing the food as suggested when you switch. I then began putting less and less powder on the food to see if anything would change. I quickly noticed that there was no change and my dog loved the IAMS better than the expensive food. I couldn't be happier about the food meeting his health needs and my financial needs!! I would recommend this food to any dog lover who wants to feed their animal a high-quality food!

Mesquite, TX


Iams ProActive Health Chunks Dry Dog Food

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