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ISO Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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I love my flat iron


About two and a half years ago I had a cheap flat iron that stopped working, so when I found a good deal on a ISO flat iron I decided to give it try. I will admit that the last flat iron I had was a really cheap one, but I really LOVE my iso flat iron. Effectiveness I think that the ISO flat iron gets hot really fast making it effective for getting ready rather quickly. This flat iron get REALLY HOT relatively quick so be careful. My hair is really thick and it tends to get very wavy underneath and this flat iron works well for straightening it out. I can't speak as to how this product would work on thin or fine hair since it gets very hot, but since I have so much hair I love that it gets really hot. Durability I have had my ISO flat iron for about two and a half year and I have had no problems with it at all, so I would say that makes it pretty durable. I do not use my flat iron every day, but I would say I use it about once every week.

Rutherfordton, NC


ISO Best Flat Iron Ever!


My husband bought me my first ISO flat iron about 3 years ago. I had never owned a flat iron worth more than 30 bucks so when I started using ISO I was absoutely thrilled. It has heat settings from 280 to 400 degrees so I can set it lower for my hair which holds a lot of heat. After about 2 years the cord somehow separated from the tool so I had to get a new flat iron so I went ahead and bought a cheap one from wal-mart. Should have known better. The cheap flat iron all but destroyed my hair. I am bi-racial so I have naturally curly hair and after a year of using the cheap flat iron my hair will no longer curl when wet. I've never had a relaxer in it and still have the same effect. Recently I purchased a new ISO flat iron and can see the drastically different effects it has on my hair. After only using it a month I can see the new growth keeping it's natural curl pattern and it doesn't put so much heat on my hair as to burn my hand when I'm styling. It feels so gental on my hair and gives it a silky, shiny finish. I recomment it to anyone looking for a quality flat iron.

Eden Prairie, MN


ISO works great, but could be a little better


This flat iron is a much better value than any CHI. I have used CHI flat irons before, and the ISO straightens just as well. It has a temperature control dial, but honestly I'm not sure how well that works. They straightener always seems to get really really hot no matter how low I set the temperature. I don't know if it's true, but I read that heat control doesn't really work on the ISOs so the demonstrators set a timer on their power strip. True or not, I turn mine off about every minute for like 10 seconds to let it cool down a bit while I straighten my hair. I can get my hair very straight with this.

San Antonio, TX


Good straightener - but gets too hot


This ISO straightener would get five stars if I were only rating on the way it straightens and leaves my hair glossy.  But it has no control settings - the only temperature is radically hot, which is very hard on my fine hair.  The one day I accidentally left it plugged in, it burned completely through the heat resistant pad I had it resting on and scorched my ceramic countertop.  Thank goodness I had it on a pad that came with another flatiron.  Anything this hot that is sold for home use should have an automatic shut-off.  I am afraid to use it for fear of burning the house down.  However, it is an excellent straightener.  I have naturally wavy hair that goes berserk in high humidity, and with this ISO straightener, my bangs do remain straight all day.

Missouri City, TX


ISO Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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