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IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

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Awesome for Allergy Sufferers


We purchased the IQ Air HealthPro 3 years ago during a particularly bad allergy season. Even with over the counter medications both my husband and I constantly felt like we were sick. We balked at the price initially but after reading many positive reviews and reports we decided that it was worth a try, and we could just return it if it didn't work. We were able to purchase the unit locally and noticed the difference within the first 24 hours of using it. The instructions recommend to turn the unit on full speed for the first hour or so. The highest speed setting is fairly loud, but after it ran for a while we turned it down to a 3 and hardly noticed it. After the first night with it we woke up for the first time in weeks without stuffy noses. While it is quite expensive it lasts a long time and the filters only need to be replaced every one to two years (depending on the filter). If you suffer from bad allergies I would definitely recommend giving it a try. It is one of the only purifiers we found that actually performs as it says it will, and you definitely get what you pay for.

Grants Pass, OR


Great Air Purifier


The IQAir Health Pro Plus ships in a double layered box weighing in just around 40 pounds. Only the wheels have to be attached to the unit as the unit arrives "wheel-less". Overal the unit when running setting 1-4 (fan speed) is very quiet and almost unnoticable. However when the unit is running on a higher fan speed, the noise becomes almost unbearable, similar to that of a vaccum cleaner. There is also a problem with the smell when the unit first arrives. The smell generally goes away after around a couple hours. Changing filters on this unit is also a simple process requiring only the two edges of the unit to be pryed open outwards. The prefilter has a life of around 12,000 hours when running the lowest setting which is equivilant to around a year running 24/7 while the odor filter and the hepa filter have a much longer run life. Overall this unit is great but is significantly more expensive than its alternatives.

Walnut, CA


Now my boy can breathe!


This air purifier was recommended to us by our toddler son's allergist doctor. We lived in Los Angeles, beside a very busy road, and our son's environmental and food allergies were horrible. We got this portable air purifier for our home since we did not want to invest in a whole-home system, although IQ Air makes those as well. This is an expensive unit, but I am forever grateful that we bought it. We noticed a change in our child's health immediately after getting it. He breathes better and his excemma improved, too. Call around to different distributors, and check online, to see who has the best deals. The filters do not have to be replced that often. It has varaible speeds, too. When we moved to a bigger house we bought another one. Now both kids' rooms have them in it. If you are concerned about your air quality or your allergies or someone in your home, get this. It is so much better than those ionic ones. This is the system that Extreme Makeover Home Edition uses. Celebrits (who can afford the best) also use this brand.

Santa Barbara, CA


IQ Air has something no other company has. . . integrity.


The IQ Air Health Pro Plus is the air filter of air filters. It cleans and purifies. I am sure that my health has improved as a result of the is purchase. I bought this filter as a recommendation from my Naturopathic Doctor because I was getting sick a lot. I was sick 4 times in a 4 month period. I also live on a canyon where rats live and my house is constantly plagued with them. Since I purchased the IQ Air Health Pro Plus I have not been sick. I also don't smell the rats anymore. That alone is making my life better, but I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have this in my house. My whole family is safer as a result, and I am grateful.  The fan is quiet on the 3 lowest setting. I leave it on the lowest speed most of the time, and only turn it on full blast every now and again. At top speed the unit will filter 240 cubic feet per minute!!! This is really best to  buy in conjunction with a Meile vacuum. 

San Diego, CA


IQ Air cleans so well our IQ's went up!


My husband and I purchased IQ Air Health Pro because I have sever allergies. We also have two large dogs that like to shed hair and billions of other things. They and their beds sleep and live in our room. Cleaning every day did not help my allergies. I missed work due to my allergerys spiking. I was willing to try and spend anything! My husband the researcher found several canidates online and finally chose this one. It is the baddest boy on the block. There are several different levels that you can choose from. We chose the level right under installing the ac unit version. Within a week of plugging this bad boy in my allergies were tamed. I am back to my usual dose of allergy medicine and have had no problems since. My husband agrees that this machine is a marriage saver. I am no longer snappy due to an allergy attack. This IQ Health Pro kept its promise. The website said they used these in hospitals in Japan for SARRS. Worth the money.

Sachse, TX


IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

4.8 5