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ING Direct Savings Account and CD's

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Great Rates!


I started using ING savings accounts and cd's in May of 2008. I started with an interest rate of about 4% as well as a $25 bonus just for opening the account. Since the recession started, it gradually dropped, and it has not risen again since then. But it is still about 0.75%, which is about the best I have found for a savings account or money market. With one use account, I can open up to twenty-five separate accounts, which is a great way to divide savings and pay into bigger expenses each month (car insurance premiums, healthcare, car payments, etc). The one downside to these savings account is that the federal government limits you to six withdrawals from each account in a calendar month. This usually isn't a hindrance but it is occasionally irritating. ING Direct was recently bought out by Capital One and is now called Capital One 360. So far I have not seen major changes from this buyout.



ING Direct Savings Account and CD's

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