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IKEA Sniglar Crib

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Some sag?


I love the natural wood aesthetic! It fits standard crib mattresses which is awesome! My only complaint is that I've noticed some sagging in the piece the mattress lays be on top of.




Bought this crib for our son, used for nearly 2 years - great crib! Easy to assemble, sturdy, and never had an issue with him in it.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Great option if you are wanting a basic crib


I bought this crib when my first daughter was born, mainly for one reason. It was the cheapest crib I could find and at the time we did not have money for anything else! IKEA has always proven to be good quality as well, it is a brand that I trust. It ended up being such a great purchase, I like that is is so basic, I just prefer that when it comes to baby things. This crib does not have any bells or whistles, it is just a plain crib. So if you are looking for something fancy this is not probably the crib for you. You can adjust it to two different levels, I found both levels to be at a nice hight for both me as a mom trying to lay down a sleeping baby and for my daughter to stay safe in at all times. The wood is very smooth, I have never seen any signs of splintering and it has remained in perfect condition. It is sturdy, yet not bulky, I love the simple streamlined design. I loved this crib so much that I also bought one to keep at grandma and grandpa's house for the baby. I highly recommend it for those who just want to purchase a basic baby bed. Overall I have been completely satisfied!



2 Gripes


The 2 reasons we are returning this: 1. Bars are round instead of flat. This results in a point impact rather than a spread out impact, when our baby falls down from standing, to fall asleep. 2. Easier to climb out, due to all sides being the same height.



IKEA Sniglar Crib

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