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IKEA Sultan Hagavik Spring Mattress

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Strong thick mattress BUT NOT FOR ME


Its probably a good mattress but NOT FOR ME. Iam 5'9 tall and round 10.5 stones. Find this mattress very uncomfortable. My mate stayed over couple of times at mine shes 5'8 tall and 15 stone, she found it very comfortable!!! So in a nice way guys its probably more suited for a heavier people! as it says on description precise body support! I think it supported too much that it felt as if iam sleeping on wooden floor, plus i had thick mattress protector! so getting ready and going to exchange it in a bit. Had it for 3 months, thought will get used to it but couldn't.Gonna get a foam one, as think its comfy!! Or just a sprung mattress but soft rather than medium or hard. Overall its thick strong mattress! As I said maybe for ''stronger'' heavier people. P.s I would advize it for couples, as I sleep on this king size bed on my own, that must be another thing haha hope this helps xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Comfort OMG pain in my shoulders every single morning Support Good support Firmness very firm Durability must be good



Summarize this product in one sentence.


I have slept very bably since buying the mattress , I have since put on a memory foam topper which has inproved it but its still not great. After 3 years i have decided to change my matress and dont want to make the same mistake again.



I sure loved first


I really did love this mattress. When we first tried it out on the store, we didn't realize the demo was on a when we assembled our Malm bedframe with slats and put our mattress on it, suddenly it didn't feel the same. We returned the slats and bought a more high end version of the slats. It helped some, but still my back hurts when I wake sometimes. We're still in 90 day exchange guarantee, we're thinking about exchanging it for the more expensive mattress. I'm worried about what the other user posted about the depression forming in the mattress. We're definitely going to upgrade and the mattress was not cheap to begin with.

Houston, TX


Meh. It's a mattress.


My husband and I spent a long time bouncing on the mattresses at Ikea before we picked out the Sultan Hagevik. 3 years later, I'm not exactly sure why we did pick it, because in hindsight I bet we could have found a better mattress for about the same price, which was midde of the road. Now don't get me wrong, it's a middle of the road mattress for that price, but if you get lucky and hunt persistently it's possible to get a slightly above middle of the road mattress for the same cost. It certainly was comfortable when we got it home. In fact half of it is still comfortable. The other half, not so much really, because it has a gigantic bowl shaped divot in it. Yes, we flipped the mattress regularly. No, we did not let our kids or the dog play "circus artist" on the bed. No, we did not stack bricks there. But that depression formed in the middle of one side and not on the other, I couldn't tell you why.  

Tacoma, WA


IKEA Sultan Hagavik Spring Mattress

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