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IKEA Sultan Forsbacka Mattress

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IKEA's Mattress of Mediocre Quality that Induces Back Pain.


I bought this as a freshman coming to college since that's what one does. They get to the college, the parents take them to IKEA and you get all your furniture there (along with the enormously gargantuan crowd that amasses there the week before school starts). That being said, I was left with no choice but to grab this one which I felt like was the most comfortable mattress there in my opinion. I brought it home and it was comfy until I actually began to sleep on it. The first week I always woke up sore and my back was all twisted in places that I didn't know it could be twisted. I assumed it was just the new mattress and had to be broken into, however, six months later down the road I still was having the same problems and was occasionally sleeping on the sofa just to avoid the mattress. I eventually have a Sealy mattress now that I am extremely grateful for and I suppose the only one good thing about this mattress is that it wasn't horribly expensive though I did get rid of it in the end so it was a bunch of wasted money for a lot of pain.

Davis, CA


IKEA Sultan Forsbacka Mattress

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